» » Lazy Lucy Lucy Pitches a Plan (2006– )

Lazy Lucy Lucy Pitches a Plan (2006– ) online

Lazy Lucy Lucy Pitches a Plan (2006– ) online
Original Title :
Lucy Pitches a Plan
Genre :
TV Episode / Animation
Year :
Directror :
Frédérick Chaillou
Writer :
Fethi Nedjari
Type :
TV Episode
Rating :
Lazy Lucy Lucy Pitches a Plan (2006– ) online

Animation Episode aired 2006. Season 1 Episode 2. Previous.

Lazy Lucy Season 1 Lucy Pitches a Plan. Episode Number 3. DVD Season & Episode Number. Absolute Episode Number.

Lazy Lucy follows eight year old Lucy, who has to do all the things any normal child her age does: tidy her room, help in the kitchen and the garden, learn to play music. so many challenges for the little girl who, each and every time, applies her own view on life: why tire yourself out doing something, when you can find a lazier way to do it? With her little brother Paul and her friends Jasmine and Tom, Lucy doubles her energy to work out original and amusing solutions. She never gives up and. Note: This is likely the Pilot episode, as the animation style looks a bit smoother, and characters look more consistent between scenes.

Season 1, Episode 3 Aired on 6 min. Mark as watched. Episode 1. The Runaway Bag. Episode 2. Dog Hairspray. Episode 3. Lucy Pitches a Plan. Episode 4. The Ball's In Your Court. Episode 5. A Stamp Of Genius. Episode 6. The Jumble Gallery. Episode 7. A Fly In The Ointment. Episode 8. The Hairclip Detector.

Choose season and episode subtitles. Lazy Lucy - Specials, Prequels, Prologues, Unkown. Lazy Lucy - Season 1. - Dog Hair Spray.

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