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Der kommer en dag (2016) online

Der kommer en dag (2016) online
Original Title :
Der kommer en dag
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Jesper W. Nielsen
Cast :
Lars Mikkelsen,Sofie Gråbøl,Harald Kaiser Hermann
Writer :
Søren Sveistrup
Type :
Time :
1h 59min
Rating :
Der kommer en dag (2016) online

Der kommer en dag' is a movie about an orphanage where violence and humiliations is a part of the everyday life. The history is based on real stories from a boy home called 'godhavn', where lots of boys were victims of violent and sexual abuse and medical experiments. Written by julie rathcke. Plot Keywords: orphanage abuse escape brother brother relationship rules See All (7) . Taglines

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De venter stadig på en undskyldning.

Synopsis 'Der kommer en dag' is a movie about an orphanage where violence and humiliations is a part of the everyday life. Awards: 9 wins & 8 nominations. Jesper W. Nielsen Lars Mikkelsen, Sofie Gråbøl, Harald Kaiser Hermann 21 Apr 2016 (Denmark) tt4659056.

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'Der kommer en dag' is a movie about an orphanage where violence and humiliations is a part of the everyday life. The history is based on real stories from a boy home called 'godhavn', where lots of boys were victims of violent and sexual abuse and medical experiments.
Credited cast:
Lars Mikkelsen Lars Mikkelsen - Forstander Frederik Heck
Sofie Gråbøl Sofie Gråbøl - Lærer Lilian
Harald Kaiser Hermann Harald Kaiser Hermann - Elmer
Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt - Erik
Laurids Skovgaard Andersen Laurids Skovgaard Andersen - Tøger
Lars Ranthe Lars Ranthe - Overlærer Toft Lassen
Søren Sætter-Lassen Søren Sætter-Lassen - Lærer Aksel
David Dencik David Dencik - Inspektør Hartmann
Sonja Richter Sonja Richter - Moren
Solbjørg Højfeldt Solbjørg Højfeldt - Fru Oskarson
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Claus Maack Bahnsen Claus Maack Bahnsen - Lærer
Martin Hempel Barkholt Martin Hempel Barkholt - Blond Bølle
Oskar Kirk Damsgaard Oskar Kirk Damsgaard - Topper
Jakob B. Engmann Jakob B. Engmann - Hartmanns Håndlanger
Frede Frimand Frede Frimand - Tredje Bølle

Lars Ranthe, the actor who played the headteacher Toft Lassen, did not talk to the other actors during shooting. It made all the orphans insecure and they needed that for the movie.

User reviews

heart of sky

heart of sky

This is a sad film. The conclusion indicates that it was based on a number of orphanages in Denmark and you could sense that certain acts and situations arose from real life stories.

The actor playing the headmaster gave a powerhouse performance that swells the viewer with hatred and disdain for him. The sympathetic female teacher was also played with stunning dramatic effect. The two boys seemed fairly young, but managed to carry the intensity and sorrow of the film with amazing maturity and brilliant execution.

This is hardly a film for casual Friday night viewing. It is about two brothers who are sent to a home for boys because their very sick mother is unable to care for them. Within the home, they experience violent and cold abuse from both teachers and friends. It is so sad to think that such an era really existed (and probably still does in some parts of the world).

It's the sort of film that deserves critical acclaim and awards. The sorrow arising from the film will stay with me for some time.


I was watching through gritted teeth and such a feeling of revulsion. I would say that many of the worst types in prison would not treat kids in such a manner. The way that headmaster and his cronies try to justify their actions makes you want to throw up. Just shows you how badly society failed those children and to this day it still does. Top marks to those wonderful brothers for enduring for so long which is testimony to their character and their determination never to be broken. Grim viewing but at the same time a quite heartwarming experience.


(This review may contain spoilers): this was an emotionally charged and intense movie about two brothers - Erik and Elmer - who are sent to an orphanage when their widowed mother falls sick and is rendered, by the state, incapable of caring for them. The cruelty of abandonment is heightened by the brutality of the merciless Headmaster and his assistants and attendants, who see the boys in their care as rabid, uncontrollable and in need of strict discipline and a professional craft. Creativity, ambition and dreams are not rewarded; rather, they are ridiculed. The brothers, along with other in-mates, form a bond of sympathetic but mute camaraderie that sets them apart from their abusers. They are able to retain a hint of sympathy for each other, despite being unable to stand up for each other out of fear of violent retribution. They maintain a code of conduct whereby they exist as "ghosts" in order to survive their ordeal. The viewer, however, is made aware of another group of boys, some older, who grew hostile and aggressive, and whose ability to sympathise dissolves in the anger and bitterness of being subjected to longer years of abuse.

The development of the character and human relationships around it are likely the theme at the centre of the plot, with the two protagonists going through character changes that are weaved in subtly and craftily to suggest a maturity that is arrived at through selflessness and compassion.

It is a beautiful movie that highlights the plight of regressing humanity, which is absolutely relevant in this day and age of forced migration.


This movie is so sad, but it was a real history, this movie makes me think in the society we are living, everybody is fool and this movie let us to see that in the past the things were the same, this world never change, you have to make things to changed it, this movie is sad, but with a good message, you have to see this movie it will change your life.

STORY 10/10 ACTING 10/10 EFFECTS: i don't give a damn the effects, this story is the best that i have ever seen in a movie this year

I don't want to spoiler this incredible movie, but you have to see it and please don't see the trailer, only the movie.


Of course, like in Dickens' novel Oliver Twist, the circumstances in such institutions are horrible and deplorable. No one seems to care as long as no complaints are registered and nothing of the abuse and slavery comes out in the open. The story in this movie is different, however, due to demonstrating that not only management and teaching staff have their faults, but also the boys themselves maintain some sort of hierarchy. For example, we see "lower" boys tasked with e.g. collecting cigarette-ends and being bullied when set targets are not met. As such we see a self-contained ecosystem, where survival of the fittest is the norm, alongside with evading visibility (playing "ghosts") and not attracting attention. Painful scenes are intermixed with moving moments, as could be expected.

The developments take their time, but that does not mean that the whole movie is boring in any way. Each time you think that you can predict the outcome, you are proved wrong. That is why this drama needs its nearly 2 hours running time to develop in full, and to explore all sides of the problem. Contrary to every description I've read about head master Heck, as being sadistic, the impression left behind is that he means well, in spite of his harsh methods. In other words, removing all sharp edges of inherently uncontrollable boys, is his way to harden and prepare them for the outside world. All of this is best illustrated by him asking, begging nearly, after having signed the dearly -wanted letter that confirms the boy is discharged, whether he (the boy) is prepared to speak out that the school has done him a lot of good, after all.

All in all, casting of main protagonists is perfect and all of them perform very well. A special mention is needed for the two boys who carry the story from start to finish. We also see how difficult it is to interest TPTB for the problems at the orphanage. Interesting and unexpected developments succeed in keeping the viewer interested all along.


/another heartbreaking story about abuse of boys in an orphanage. What those poor boys went through is unimaginable. How any human can treat a child so brutally is beyond belief. Physical (rape) & mental abuse day after day would be enough to turn a any child into a angry hating & mentally unstable one. We are never told at the end if any of the abusers were brought to trial and punished.


...but a good movie nonetheless. The performances were fantastic here. Lars Mikkelson has never made me hate "him" before! He's so cold and angry in this and he sure did the job well. Sofie Grabol is always reliable. The content had me shaking my head so many times. Industrial schools like this were run in my country too and I can't fathom why a human being would inflict these things on another human. These stories must be told though. The portrayals capture the horror all too well, but the movie did have a number of lighter moments too.


You need to watch this it is amazing, but it can be gross sometimes (there is blood) but it's totally inspiring. After I watched all three episodes it was so good that I had to do research on this event seriously you need to watch this please. You will totally fall in love with this one. Trust me.


This movie should bee an international succes in every Way.
Early Waffle

Early Waffle

I watched this movie in last 5 minute. I cried 2 time when i seen Elmer standing on street alone and when he flying. Actor 10/10. Acting 10/10. Everyone is great, i like principal acting too, when he angry in the dinning room exactly like Hitler did. Idk why this could be 7,8/10 imdb to now, this must to be 9/10 and more. Sr my bad english.


Worth the watch, though what I make an objection about is that the film says "based on actual events" but then at the very end you find out it's actually a collection of events that happened at orphanages in Denmark and so the veracity of the experiences of those two brothers loses its credibility. It borders on being corny in the standard narrative of overcoming adversity.


This film gives form to destructive power and constructive temporary power in a penetrating way. Destructive in the form of the behavior of the head of the school (Forstander Frederik Heck played by Lars Mikkelsen). The constructive temporary power in the form of the behavior of one of the pupils (Elmer played by Harald Kaiser Hermann). Elmer looks for HELP at a crucial moment and gets that and that is the reason for that power. This power also leads to the fact that ultimately another student asks for HELP and therefore in principle also receives a form of temporary power. (Tøger played by Laurids Skovgaard Andersen).

Statement: "A (powerful) leader does not need a massive amount of followers or supporters, but enough helpers!"


This is an excellent movie. You hold back tears and your humanity is tested as you watch these children in the most horrifying situations as the adults around them fail them at every single turn. The filmmaker seems to capture our souls as the vignettes build. Still you can't help but feel a sense of Oliver Twist with a modern day Lord of the Flies as you watch the movie. You see this socialist state more or less abandon these children well into the 1970's. In this story we focus on two boys but the fact is that many, many more were abused. I'm not spoiling anything for the viewer because you will not believe the horrors visited upon these children. But yet you're drawn to it, drawn because you wonder whether or not there's a silver lining. This is a fictional story. The bad guys are in fact an amalgam - there is no one-to-one between the story-line and the actual events. But imagine the worst acts that could take place in an adult prison - they're worse at this place. And imagine bad luck and then multiply it by 100 as these two little boys go from bad to worse. But the outrage really comes when you realize that even "bad" boys will band together once they recognize that they themselves aren't the problem but the adults and the system they face.

Children in this day and age were told they were bad. Told they were evil. Thousands of years of upbringing informed the modern day practices in this incredible montage. Yet even when our heroes leave the isolation of this children's community the world outside isn't much better.

I wish dear reader that I could tell you that something turned out well. It didn't. The horrors visited upon these children - and they would range in age now from about 40 to about 70 or 80 - is pretty horrendous. The level of proof demanded by Sweden's socialist government created a bar so high that definitely no child could meet it. Few adults could.

And today - still today - the government of Sweden has not acknowledged what happened in these children's homes - and I'm quite certain this was not unique. Similar to the Catholic church the government of Sweden will not admit there was any wrong doing and did not punish the perpetrators. And the perps by the way were every bit as bad as the priest of the Catholic church.

Watch this movie even if you feel your gut has been punched by the strongest bully possible and then act. Post. Get involved. Because society cannot abandon the least among us. And when we do - heaven help us the hell that will be visited on our societies.


This is the kind of movie that everyone should watch. Whether you like tragic stories or you are trying to watch any film, this needs to be one of your options. It's such a dramatic and sad movie, but it's beautiful in other senses. The images really capture what the movie is trying to leave as a message and you can really feel what's going on.