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O Mondego (1933) online

O Mondego (1933) online
Original Title :
O Mondego
Genre :
Movie / Documentary
Year :
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O Mondego (1933) online

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Mercédès Mondego (née Herrera): A Catalan girl, Edmond Dantès' fiancée at the beginning of the story. She later marries Fernand and they have a son named Albert. She is consumed with guilt over Edmond's disappearance and is able to recognize him when she meets him again

The Wandering Jew. (1933). This story is based both on a long-standing legend and a play by E. Temple Thurston. Veteran British director Maurice Elvey brought years of experience with theatrical adaptations to the difficult task of filming a movie that spans centuries and strains credulity.

Dantès' friend Fernand Mondego (Sidney Blackmer) accompanies him to the jail. However, he, Danglars, and de Villefort all stand to gain from keeping Dantès imprisoned: Mondego is in love with Dantès' fiancée, Mercedes (Landi); Danglars wants to be promoted captain in Dantès' place; and the man who accepted the letter turns out to be de Villefort's father (Lawrence Grant). To begin, he arranges to have Albert (Mercedes and Mondego's son) kidnapped and held for ransom. First to be brought to justice is Mondego. While the French ambassador to Albania, Mondego gained renown for his bravery in an unsuccessful defense of Ali Pasha.

The movie was directed by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest Scheodsack, and produced by them with the legendary David O. Selznick, then head of RKO Radio Pictures. The showbiz Bible Variety complained, however, "it's a film-long screaming session for, too much for any actress and any audience.

March 2 - King Kong premieres in New York City. June 6 - The first drive-in theater opens, in Camden, New Jersey. British Film Institute founded. GPO Film Unit established in the United Kingdom under John Grierson, taking over responsibility for documentary film making from the Empire Marketing Board

Been done to death mate.

Violent but beloved old-school monster movie. While the stop-motion animation seems primitive, the 1933 version of King Kong still very watchable. The savage Kong has a primal fury about him that makes him a real threat, even if his lovelorn looks to Anne turn him into a slightly more sympathetic monster. The human characters are fairly one-dimensional by comparison.