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Сумеречная зона Father & Son Game (1985–1989) online

Сумеречная зона Father & Son Game (1985–1989) online
Original Title :
Father u0026 Son Game
Genre :
TV Episode / Sci-Fi / Fantasy / Mystery / Thriller / Horror
Year :
Directror :
Randy Bradshaw
Cast :
Ed Marinaro,Eugene Robert Glazer,Patricia Phillips
Writer :
Rod Serling,Jeremy Bertrand Finch
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Сумеречная зона Father & Son Game (1985–1989) online

Title: Father & Son Game (15 Apr 1989). Start streaming on IMDb and Fire TV devices today! Start watching.

Сумеречная зона (1985–1989). Season: 1 2 3. OR. Year: 1989. In DEALER'S CHOICE, four poker pals sit down for a game with a mysterious stand-in named Nick. S1, Ep9. 22 Nov. 1985. Dead Woman's Shoes/Wong's Lost and Found Emporium.

Father & Son Game. Crazy as a Soup Sandwich.

me Сумеречная зона (1985) Other. am СуРеречная зона (1985) Adult. ch СуРеречная-зона-(1985) Other. to Сумеречная зона (1985). S03 E30 - Father & Son Game. mkv302 MB. S03 E21 - The Wall. S03 E04 - The Hunters.

Father and Son Game". 1987: The Twilight Zone - "Paladin of the Lost Hour". 1988: There Were Times, Dear. 1989: Tales from the Hollywood Hills - "Natica Jackson". 1990: Tales from the Hollywood Hills - "The Closed Set". A 79-year-old man wants to keep on living so he transplants his brain into a younger body. Season 3, Episode 30 Aired on April 15, 1989 TV-PG 45 min. CBS. Mark as watched.

Elderly Darius Stevens wants to go on living and transplants his brain into a younger body, but his son Michael disapproves.
Episode cast overview:
Ed Marinaro Ed Marinaro - Darius Stephens
Eugene Robert Glazer Eugene Robert Glazer - Michael Stephens
Patricia Phillips Patricia Phillips - Anita Stephens
George Touliatos George Touliatos - Dave
Richard Monette Richard Monette - Dr. Wilson
Mark Melymick Mark Melymick - Larry
Robin Ward Robin Ward - Narrator (voice)

Last show of the series.

User reviews

Ferri - My name

Ferri - My name

Darius Stephens died in his 70s but a microdisc/brain implant containing "everything that is Darius Stephens" is surgically "installed" into a younger body, much to the chagrin of son Michael (Eugene Robert Glazer) who wants to take over the company, filing a suit which says that his father died and that he deserves to be in charge. Anita (Patricia Phillips), Darius' beloved wife of 6 years, will stand by her husband and dutifully help him in his fight to keep son Michael from taking the company out from under him. Unfortunately, Darius' microdisc starts to "malfunction" as he begins to repeat words, perhaps returning to work so soon and devoting so much of his time to the case against him has taken a toll the body couldn't afford. George Touliatos is Darius' attorney, Dave, who wears the weariness of this case against his client, not completely convinced they can win because there might not be a precedent or law to help them. I have to say that I found this science fiction story rather fascinating and original as it questions "when does someone really die?" Is Darius really dead because the body itself quit working, or does he have an argument that only when nothing is left can the man be considered deceased? The ending insists the fight is long yet over even if the second body failed to survive; Michael may think he has won, but "there's plenty of fight still left in ole Darius". This was the final episode of the 80s Twilight Zone series. Good work from Ed Marinaro as Darius, showing someone who is not a quitter, a hard worker who gives everything he has in order to keep what he feels is rightfully his.


The joke goes, "Does life end when the brain stops functioning or when the heart stops beating?" Congress chose the latter because they knew if it was the brain, most of Congress would have been declared dead. Ed Marinaro, formerly of Hill Street Blues and the Minnesota Vikings plays a new incarnation of an elderly man who has been given an artificial brain and several other organs. He and his son nearly come to blows. They are going to face a law suit to determine whether the man is alive. Of course, there is a time when some things start to break down and the episode ends up in the air. I recall the movie "Transcendence" where Johnny Depp, a great genius, takes on non-corporeal being, existing in a computer. That might a owe a bit of homage to this episode. This version of the Twilight Zone had a decent run. This is how it ended.


The final-ever episode of the 1980s TV series THE NEW TWILIGHT ZONE, FATHER & SON GAME is probably the best episode I've watched yet. That's because it eschews the dumb comedy of other episodes to deliver a thoughtful, thought-provoking tale of brain transplants, business legacies and father/son relationships in a sci-fi context.

The story sees a dead businessman having his brain transplanted into a younger body, leaving his son naturally peeved because he was waiting to take over the business. Of course, things don't go according to plan, and what transpires is relatively intelligent: well acted, with an effective script to bring out the disturbing nature of the scenario. Hardly a masterpiece, but better than those that came before...