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Freddie as F.R.O.7. (1992) online

Freddie as F.R.O.7. (1992) online
Original Title :
Freddie as F.R.O.7.
Genre :
Movie / Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy / Musical
Year :
Directror :
Jon Acevski
Cast :
Ben Kingsley,Jenny Agutter,David Ashton
Writer :
Jon Acevski,David Ashton
Type :
Time :
1h 31min
Rating :
Freddie as F.R.O.7. (1992) online

7 (also known as Freddie the Frog) is a 1992 British animated musical action fantasy comedy film written and directed by Jon Acevski, and starring the voice of Ben Kingsley. Inspired by bedtime stories Acevski told to his son about his favourite toy frog working as a secret agent, it is a parody of James Bond.

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Several hundred years later, Freddie is now living in modern-day Paris - a six-foot-tall amphibian with the moniker Secret Agent .

August 26, 1992 commercials. TRAILER: Freddie as .

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Distributor: Miramax. Release Date: August 28, 1992.

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Complete List of Songs and Soundtrack from Freddie as . O Listen to Soundtrack: llegue llegue, guararey de pastorita - los van va. Soundtrack from Freddie as .

The story about a man-sized frog named Prince Frederic who is turned into a frog by his wicked aunt Messina and hired by British Intelligence to solve the mysterious disappearances of some of Britain's greatest monuments. Several hundred years later, Freddie is now living in modern-day Paris, a six-foot-tall amphibian with the moniker Secret Agent F.R.O.7. Messina, too, is still around causing mischief, joining forces with an arch-villain named El Supremo in a scheme to shrink Big Ben. Freddie, alerted to Messina's nefarious plans, gathers his fellow agents Daffers and Scottie together, planning to hide out in Big Ben and surprise the evil doers when they are set to strike at the much-loved British landmark.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Ben Kingsley Ben Kingsley - Freddie (voice)
Jenny Agutter Jenny Agutter - Daffers (voice)
David Ashton David Ashton - Additional Voices (voice)
Brian Blessed Brian Blessed - El Supremo (voice)
Jenny Funnell Jenny Funnell - Additional Voices (voice)
Nigel Hawthorne Nigel Hawthorne - Brigadier G (voice)
Michael Hordern Michael Hordern - King (voice) (as Sir Michael Hordern)
James Earl Jones James Earl Jones - Narrator (American version) (voice)
Edmund Kingsley Edmund Kingsley - Young Freddie (voice)
Phyllis Logan Phyllis Logan - Nessie (voice)
Victor Maddern Victor Maddern - Old Gentleman Raven (voice)
Jonathan Pryce Jonathan Pryce - Trilby (voice)
Bruce Purchase Bruce Purchase - Additional Voices (voice)
Prunella Scales Prunella Scales - Queen / Additional Voices (voice)
John Sessions John Sessions - Scotty / Additional Voices (voice)

The title character, "F.R.O.7.", is a spoof of the code number 007, the number for Agent 007 James Bond, who was originally created by Ian Fleming. Also, the letter "G", which would go at the end of the word "frog", is the seventh letter of the alphabet.

A sequel, "Freddie Goes To Washington", was already in the works long before this movie was released, but because of the poor performance at the box-office, the project was shelved, never to be seen or heard of again.

Began life in the early 1970s when Writer and Director Jon Acevski made up bedtime stories about a secret agent frog for his young son.

The last theatrical movie for Sir Michael Hordern (King) and Victor Maddern (Old Gentleman Raven).

Was the lowest grossing U.S. release animated movie of all time until Die zehn Gebote (2007) and Delgo (2008) broke its record.

Sir Ben Kingsley and Sir Nigel Hawthorne appeared in Gandhi (1982), Turtle Diary (1985), and Twelfth Night or What You Will (1996).

User reviews



I saw this movie on the shelf of the local charity shop, and was differing whether to get it. In the end I made up my mind not to buy it, but to look at the rating and reviews on IMDb and watch it on YouTube. In spite of the low IMDb rating and the negative reviews, I enjoyed this movie. As for people saying that this is the worst animated movie ever, sorry I cannot agree. Doogal, Titanic:The Animated Movie and Secret of NIMH 2:Timmy To The Rescue are much much worse.

Freddie as F.R.0.7 isn't a perfect movie. The story about a prince turning into a frog and then an agent and having to investigate what happened to the disappearing monuments is predictable and sometimes uninvolving, some of the script is a little cheesy and there are one or two parts that drag. But there are a lot of things that compensate:

  • Firstly the animation is great. As long as you are not expecting Disney, you'll be fine. Some of the backgrounds are gorgeous, like in the encounter of the Nessies, and the characters in general are well drawn particularly Freddie himself and Messina in snake form.

  • Contrary to other reviews I liked the songs. True they are not perhaps Oscar worthy material, but they are memorable. The beginning song was excellent, and Messina's song was very well done if unusual. And the singing is actually good, in some animated films like the Secret of NIMH sequel the music sounds like it is being performed as part of a school end of year production but not here.

  • The voice acting is top notch and add to the charm and quirkiness that the film does have. Ben Kingsley is absolutely charming as Freddie, and Phyllis Logan is excellent as Nessie in a truly charming scene. Brian Blessed relishes his role as the main villain El Supremo, while Billie Whitelaw is great as Messina particularly in the final climax. I love Jenny Agutter and she was lovely as Daffers. Sterling supporting voice work also from Nigel Hawthorne, Michal Hordern and Jonathan Pryce.

All in all, this is a flawed but charming film, helped by the great animation and voice acting. 7/10 Bethany Cox


'Freddie as FRO7' is really an enjoyable little film. It might be a bit chaotic, and even weird, it has its very own, very different kind of charm. What's that you're saying? That this movie is a stinking bowl of manure? Wait just a second, and answer me this:


This is a vital question in this case, because if you're talking about the USA version, i must point out, that I'm talking about the original version. And both of us are totally right about each opinion.

With this unfortunate little movie, American editors have gone way too far. While at some points I understand the concept behind their motive to chop this poor cartoon into shreds, but at many times, there doesn't seem be any kind of concept to talk about.

For example, I can see why they cut the two jokes about Daffers' (a female secret agent) breasts. One of the jokes consisted of the main role gazing at her boobs while taking a comment about them, in the other one however she shows them off to Freddie (not to the audience). I was around nine, when I first saw this movie, and found the first joke funny, and the second one quite weird. But none of them offensive. Men are attracted to boobs. I don't have any problem with that, neither did back then. But okay, it's not children's material, so I can accept that it's been cut. Next thing: dancing soldiers. The problem with these evil minions lies in their appearance. They do look a bit like Nazis, and some of them wear KKK uniforms. As a nine year old kid, I knew quite a few things about WWII, but I knew how Nazis looked like, and I already knew many things to hate them for. So evil soldiers portrayed as Nazi look-alikes felt appropriate. But maybe i only knew these things because I'm European... but wait! I even understood the KKK references! Still, I may understand why the cut HALF of the song featuring these guys. At this point however, those enthusiastic US editors really got themselves into editing! Geesh, what to cut next? What to cut next? And there goes the fight scene at the end. I don't get it. It's not that they cut out the more violent parts. They've just erased half of it with no reason! Why? Were they short on celluloid? Anyway, this is a painful cut. It makes the ending totally anti-climatic, and makes the rest of the fight-scene entirely pointless.

But why stop here? Let's trash out a whole plot line! Why? Seriously, WHY? You see, there is this guy at the yard who's always turning his eyes, snickering in a very slimy manner, and so on. He is just the evil slime-ball stereotype. In the original version he turns out to be a spy for the evil ones, and gets arrested at the end. In the US version, he doesn't turn out to be a spy, and doesn't get arrested. He just does his evil looks, eye-turnings, and snickering, and thats it. WHY???? Now he's a character that's not just totally useless, but also clearly insane! What was the point?!

That's nice, the movie is in ruins now. But oh, we aren't finished yet! The original version starts off with Freddie cruising through France in his weird car, arrives at his apartment, starts feeding the fish, which gives him a flashback about a pond in France, where he spent his childhood. This neat touch gives the movie a needed framing. In the US version, the film starts with random medieval castle-parts. I really got confused at first, and thought the DVD might have the wrong film on it. Again, this edit makes absolutely no sense.

No, that's not all, really that's only the tip of the crap-berg, but I think you got the idea.

For the original version the score would be 7/10, While the American version barely lives up for a mere 3/10.

Take my advice: If you really want to see this, DO NOT BUY THE US VERSION, which appears to be the only version for DVD. You better off with buying a VHS player and a copy of the original on tape.


This is one of the strangest films I have ever seen, but I loved the idea & the Nessies.

A prince is turned into a frog by his evil aunt & grows up to be a Bond-style detective. He makes friends with Nessie (excellently played by Phyllis Logan) & her extended family. Meanwhile landmarks such as Big Ben are disappearing. Freddie is on the case...

If you feel like a change from the usual formula, then this won't disappoint. It's not that bad. Really. 7/10


Where to start? This is one of the greatest animations to date, hell IT IS THE GREATEST ANIMATION TO DATE!!!! The story is as follows, a 17th century prince in France gets transformed into a frog, meets the loch ness monster and becomes present day secret agent Freddie the frog, fighting evil. Now the logic starts. All of Britains great monuments are disappearing because an obese warlord allied with Freddies evil aunt are shrinking them for a reason that makes perfect sense. All the Britons lives are directly linked to those monuments and if they are taken away, the British people die. Wow. What a film. So full of the logic and structure lacking in all of Spielbergs movies. It also has incredibly well done dialogue by a uniform cast and great songs that should have won an Oscar.


Gross! I went to Florida with my two favorite cousins and in the nice rented beach house we stayed at, the owner left a bunch of kiddie movies, including this one. We were going to watch "Little Shop of Horrors" (which I had seen before and loved) but then this little creepshow caught our interest. You must understand that my cousins, my brother and I all love to make fun of stupid things. A lot. This may not be such a good thing, but we do. So we watched "Freddie the Frog."

First of all, Freddie(as a human)'s anorexic aunt wants to get rid of him so she can rule the throne. Why then, with her magical powers, didn't she just kill him instead of turning him into a frog?!?!?? Then Freddie (as a frog for good now) meets up with a morbidly obese loch Ness monster named (this is creative) Nessie who claims she is ten-years-old but maybe ten years later has grandchildren. Freddie then flies away to frog land which is really just a fanchy-schmancy way of saying "an ugly pond that looks like someone's overflowed septic tank." Freddie hits on a bunch of female frogs and then one hot summer day, while lounging about in his heart-dotted boxers, he somehow "grew, and grew, and grew until he reached his adulthood. And then he knew he knew he knew, he was not..." FREDDIE: I am not, I am not!!! CREEPY FROG CHORUS: A frog, he is not a log! No joke! This is that stupid! Then he decides he wants to become a secret agent and his frog friends dress him.

The movie continues in this idiotic fashion for about an hour and twelve minutes. It includes the following: 1) Freddie's real name and "top secret" code name being displayed with pride on the headline of a newspaper. 2) Freddie being attracted to a totally useless human woman. 3) Freddie french-kissing a human man who is also useless. 4) A fat man who is supposedly a villain who threatens Freddie and friends with a dinky sword that goes BOING! 5) Stupid dialogue like this HENCHMAN: I have a message for you Freddie. And the message is....Death!!! FREDDIE THE FROG: Well, then you'd better give me the message. Freddie then leaps onto some bleachers like a Peter Pan wannabe. 6) Freddie accidentally kills innocent civilians and then nonchalantly replies "Oh, I'm sorry my friend" and leaves!!!

This movie is now a tradition with us and my cousins (I bought the tape. It isn't even released on DVD!) and we watch and make fun of it every time we see each other. We also watched it with my friend and my brother's friend and they agreed that compared to the movie we like to make fun of with them (My Neighbor Totoro), "Freddie the Frog" makes "My Neighbor Totoro" look Oscar-quality. If you love to make fun of movies, here is a list starting from dumbest to least dumb (but still very dumb): 1. Freddie the Frog 2. My Neighbor Totoro 3. Barney's Great Adventure - The Movie 4. Balto III - Wings of Change 5. Any episodes of Caillou 6. Any episodes of Dragon Tales 7. Any episodes of The Berenstein Bears 8. Rock-a-Doodle

I hope this review made you laugh and was helpful in enriching your life.


Wow, my first new review in months. What a great one to start out on! Am I glad to see that IMDB has an entry for this completely demented movie. I was starting to doubt my own sanity.

On to the review. This is one of those movies that is way to incomprehensibly bizarre to hate. If you like insane films, and you find it in the video store, rent it and watch it. Like it's obvious soul-brother, "Sayu-Ki", it might just change your life. Just don't say I didn't warn you.


In a magical kingdom in France (?) there lived magic Prince Frederick with his magic dad the king. The king's sister (who is also magic) shapeshifts into a cobra and spooks the king's horse, killing him. Later she turns the prince into a frog and tries to kill him, but he escapes from his aunt and is helped by the Loch Ness Monster (?).

Things don't necessarily have to be logical or sensible in kid's films when magical kingdoms and sorcerers are involved. But after this point it gets progressively sillier.

Freddie becomes a giant anthropomorphic frog, a lecherous and complacent French caricature in a beret and a leather jacket who talks rot about overcoming violence with 'the powers of the mind' and drives a ridiculous car with eyes and lipstick that emits hearts instead of exhaust fumes. Meanwhile, his aunt, perhaps having been belatedly informed that France is a republic and she thus can't be queen of it, turns back into a snake and goes and hangs around Brian Blessed's neck (more on this later).

Meanwhile, in England, various architectural landmarks and national monuments float away under mysterious weather conditions. There are some scenes of this happening, including one with offensive crows who talk like black Americans. The 'Brigadier' presumably meant to be the head of MI5, requests the help of FR07 to solve the problem. We meet a dumb Scottish character with a huge chin and a tartan coat who has a thick Scottish accent and uses a haggis as a weapon, and who unsurprisingly is called Scotty. And we meet 'Daffers', who is introduced as some kind of martial arts and gadgets person, but who spends the remainder of the film dressed like a tart, flirting and shrieking and needing to be rescued from baddies. Less importantly, we meet a simpering double agent, Trilby.

Freddie is given orders to get on with the mission but decides to go to a racecourse instead. Some henchmen turn up and try to kill Freddie, but he beats them up and overhears their conversation, revealing that Big Ben will be attacked that night. Because Freddie is an arrogant prat, he deceives the people he's working for by telling them the target is Windsor Castle.

Meanwhile, in Brian Blessed's secret hideout, an army of Nazis and Ku Klux Klan and other people in strange costumes perform a dance and the snake aunt sings a bad song. Brian Blessed's character's history and motivation are never explained: he is simply a fat bearded villain in a blue jersey. Brian Blessed's voice talents are however excellent as usual.

Freddie and his stupid accomplices hide in Big Ben and get captured. Brian Blessed uses his shrinking ray on Big Ben and then monologues about how he has a box that sucks 'energy' out of the stolen architecture and uses it to make a pink cloud that makes everyone in Great Britain fall asleep. He throws Freddie and Scotty into a subterranean lake filled with monsters. The Loch Ness Monster returns and rescues them and introduces Freddie to her family and there follows another lousy musical interlude. Then the Loch Ness monsters tie Brian Blessed's submarines up with seaweed.

Freddie and Scotty return to Brian Blessed's hideout and defeat soldiers with machine guns by kicking and punching them. Freddie breaks Brian Blessed's machine, and when the villain tries to kill him with a sword, it is revealed he is impervious to blades and can hurl people across the room using his magic powers, throwing into question how and why he allowed himself to be overcome earlier in the story. His aunt shapeshifts into various animals, most of which Freddie overcomes by simply stepping out of the way. Then there's a party and Daffers kisses Freddy and there's a heart-shaped blackout and a frog noise.

The things that really struck me both as a child and an adult were how unlikeable the characters are, particularly Freddie and Daffers, and how the film lacks any coherency. It tries to be both a magical fantasy and a high-tech story about villains and secret services and manages neither. It sucks that Freddie is so 'up himself' and defeats his enemies not by careful planning and organisation, but by deus ex machina magic powers and coincidence. This is kind of a shame because the animation is good for the era and the voice acting (particularly Brian Blessed, whose character seems to have been designed for him) is top notch. The background music (not including the interruptions by characters singing) is not bad either, and some of the characters designs -- the snake and Scotty, plus the caricature-like people in the Brigadier's club -- are pretty damn good. The idea of a big fat villain with a pony-tail and a cobra draped around his neck is awesome, and it's just a pity they couldn't give him a bit more depth and provide him some more worthwhile protagonists to go up against.

There are a couple of mildly amusing one-liners and jokes, although these are likely to be lost on children. Great children's films do often have more complicated humour and undertones that would be expected to fly over the heads of their target audience, and these films can be enjoyed by both kids and adults. In the case of this film, adult viewers are likely to be put off by the unlikeable characters and the ludicrous premise that only gets stupider as the story progresses. In all, this is probably worth watching for the animation and the voice actors, but as a whole the film is weak and even borders on being offensive in its use of unflattering national stereotypes.


For a long time when I was a kid, this film sat on the shelf of our local video store and I used to glance in its direction, seeing as the cover looked kind of fun. One day, I persuaded my mother to rent it for me, but when we got the tape home, it was corrupted, which meant no "Freddie as F.R.O.7" for me. At the time, I was disappointed. Having actually sat through this film when it was on satellite TV recently (precious moments of my life that I can never have back - it is perhaps no defence to say that there was something hypnotic about the awfulness), I am glad I did not endure this as a child.

This film sums up everything that is bad with some kids' films. It's lazy, amateurish and uninspired. You get the impression the feeling was that the kids wouldn't really notice how bad the script and storyline were, and how unconvincing the characters. It seriously underestimates its audience; OK, I'm a grown-up now, but I hope as a kid, I would have called this for the nonsense that it was (and from other comments on here, I can see a fair few people who watched this as children did just that).

Freddie is a French frog (not sure whether the whole idea of the character is actually politically correct these days, really) who ends up as a British secret agent, the logical career progression, I am sure, after you have started out life as a prince, but thanks to the evil machinations of your aunt, end up an amphibian in the palace moat. This curious medieval-set section from the beginning of the film, as others have noted, appears to belong in a different draft of the script. Then I don't know where the aunt goes, there's something about the Loch Ness monster and some woman and some disturbing suggestions that the frog fancies both of them and then Brian Blessed appears. Brian appears to be doing an animated version of his role in "Flash Gordon", and I kept expecting him to shout "Gordon's alive?!" at some moment where the stupid frog was doing something moronic. Brian Blessed is trying to take over Britain by stealing monuments and using them as power sources or shrinking them or... something. Somehow, people across Britain get sent to sleep (possibly they have been forced to watch this tripe). Then Freddie manages to remember that love is more powerful than a sword and then this helps him to use some power that comes out of his tongue or eyes or whatever, to kick Brian Blessed's behind, and then somehow Brian gets shrunk so that he can fit in a little matchbox. Then the aunt reappears as a scorpion or a snake or something and gets electrocuted. Then I think it's over.

A few comments on IMDb have praised the animation; to me personally, it looks horrendously ropey, but I may be unfairly judging it by 2007 standards. In my view it's certainly not stood the test of time. Astonishingly, this film features a voice cast that looks incredibly strong on paper: as well as the aforementioned Blessed, we have (Sir) Ben Kingsley, Jonathan Pryce and Nigel Hawthorne, all fine actors who I suppose must have had tax bills to pay in 1992. They can do nothing to salvage this horrible, animated mess. The lines these guys have to work with are shockingly bad. The scriptwriter's idea of humour is for Freddie to express clichés such as: "Well, we can see 'ere dat, 'ow you say, your chickens 'ave come 'ome to roost!" I may have missed something, but I thought this line was said following a sequence that had nothing to do with chickens, coming home or roosting, and as such was entirely random and apropos of nothing - is there supposed to be a joke somewhere that I failed to grasp? I have no idea - perhaps it just filled a few more seconds of screen time and that was the idea. Then there's the dreadful songs and just... ugh. Horrible film, and an embarrassment for all involved. Kids (and the adults who watch films with them) deserve a lot better. Whilst I am sure it will not have had anything like the same budget, "Freddie as F.R.O.7" came out the same year as Disney's "Aladdin"; the latter is light years ahead for entertainment value, professionalism and treating children with even just a bit of intelligence and good taste.


I have seen this film a few times, and have always enjoyed it. It is a fairy-tale; it is for children; if you can allow yourself to see it in that light, it will be entertaining. Clearly the creators of this film have a lot more imagination than your average Hollywood hack, though perhaps a little more respect for contemporary audience's expectations would have gone a long way to making this more popular. I really love the songs, though. Especially "Lay Down Your Arms" by Asia. Nothing like a bit of moral 80's cheese-rock.


forgive the pun, i watched this movie about a week or two back for the fun of it since i was trying hard to remember it after not seeing it since childhood, let me tell you, the film seemed a hell of a lot better when i was a child.

i gave it a 2 because of the good animation but other than that this is a pretty pointless and awful movie.

the dubbing was the worst part of this movie to me, but the characters never had any worth remembering lines anyway so it doesn't matter.

there were two songs in this movie that i really didn't see the point of, the queen of evilmania and nessie's song, both of them had absolutely terrible lyrics not even fit for an episode of postman pat and both seemed utterly pointless and wasted time, they were probably only put in to fill gaps.

do we even find out at all during this movie who this insanely evil and pudgy dictator is, i don't think i hear his name once or even why he's involved with the movie.

i don't get why freddie decided to go back to France to stop crooks, i don't understand why he drives this weird green car and i don't get how he managed to turn from a 6 inch frog to a 5 foot man during one scene or how exactly the other frogs managed to find him clothes, the fact that it's a kids animation is not a plausible excuse.

the only other good bit i thought was the British man who always tripped over his own phone chord and got tangled up in it more than once in the film and each time more ridiculously, this to me was a pretty original and funny joke but they didn't execute it perfectly enough to make it funny.

there's a Scottish character in it, and guess what his name is, that's right, Scottie, very very typical.

my real question is, why exactly could all of britains monuments be used to power up a crystal which puts people to sleep, if you cant answer that question then there really is no reason for the second half of this movie.

so anyway, my verdict, the film was too short, made no sense, was a work of nonsense and was poorly casted vocally.


I seriously don't understand why this movie gets so much backlash, I mean, I had a blast with it as a kid. Sure, it might have some iffy parts here and there but it's a kids' movie okay?! The characters are engaging, the songs are catchy, and the plot is full of positive messages while also being easy to follow. He's the one who's gonna get it done!


Freddie as F.R.O.7 isn't all bad once i seen it. But i did see some of the reasons why it was a flop and a box office failure. The story wasn't that great, some characters are awful (like the Ravens), and the animation should of been better. What are some of the things that are redeemable about this film? First of all i think Freddie is a likable character. He is based on James Bond, but he also reminds me of Basil from The Great Mouse Detective.

Second of all, i love the villains in this movie. Messina was a great villain. She killed Freddie's parents, and she tried to kill her own nephew as well. The real main villain in the movie is El Supremo, a crime boss who is responsible for capturing famous buildings, which he plans to use to create a sleeping virus. He is also Messina's husband. He was great villain to, but he should have a better fighting skills.

Finally, some of the songs in this movie are enjoyable. "Evilmania" is the best song in the movie. Overall to bad this film din't success very well. It had its mistakes, but i do find this movie okay to watch, just for the villains and the songs. So i,m giving this movie 5 out of 10 stars.


If you're a fan of animation from independent companies, you can stumble across anything far worse than Freddie as F.R.O.7. It's not a horrible movie, but sadly it isn't a great one, either. The main weakness of it is that the plot just isn't very believable, as the story of a young prince transformed into a frog saves England from disappearing buildings is just plain silly. If you can ignore the confusing silliness of the plot, you might find it a charming cartoon.

And it helps that some have actually put some effort into the film. The animation isn't up to par with Disney, but like all indie company efforts, some shots are truly gorgeous. The nessies are particularly well animated, our first encounter with one of them is beautifully handled. The voices are topnotch, too, with Ben Kingsley pumping charm through Freddie.

Other than that, it's pretty weak. While kids would love the characters and good intentions, it's not satisfying enough for the big screen. But at least it has its charm.


I was reminiscing with my sister about movies from our youth, and we recalled this movie... with utter derision. I got so worked up by the craptastic quality of this festering boil of a movie from my childhood that I felt compelled to vent on IMDb. There aren't any spoilers in this comment, because that would be impossible; the movie is spoiled enough on its own.

Anyway, on the to movie. Apparently, some little French prince Frederick gets turned into a frog by his evil magical aunt after she kills his father so that she can usurp the throne. Poor lil disenfranchised frog-boy runs away to live with his amphibian brethren to stay safe from her malevolent hatred. Oh yeah, he's magical, too. No explanation for why (apparently it runs in the family), but he's just got the power to... I'm not even sure how it works, he just does random things magically. There's a kind of blueish light involved. Anyway, he gets tired of life as a mere frog, and makes himself human-sized and... well, I guess he travels through time or something. It doesn't need to make sense, because hey, he's got magic. So he can time travel and change his size, but he remains a frog. Maybe he's trying to make some kind of point about how skin color doesn't matter, it's what's on the inside that counts. Beautiful lesson. So all of a sudden we're in modern day England, and Freddie is now a secret agent (wtf???) and his aunt comes back, and there's singing, the Loch Ness monster appears, and my head wants to explode. I can't even remember the ending, because my mind has vomited it from my memory.

The technical aspects of the movie are just as repugnant as the plot. The animation is crap (everyone moves slowly and floaty-like), the voice acting is TERRIBLE (everyone talks like they move: more floatiness and slowness), the story is completely incoherent, the character development is nonexistent, the songs blow, the jokes are NOT jokes, and logic has no place in the universe that the film has constructed. Not to mention the fact that Freddie's French, so that's like 18 strikes against the movie right there (that's just a joke, for all you oversensitive Francophiles out there who might not have realized it). You might be saying, "Why, this is a CHILDREN'S movie. Does any of this matter? The kids will still enjoy it." In response I say: Yeah, I know that, yes it does, because no they won't. I'm evoking the same emotions I felt when watching the movie at age 8 or 9 or whatever (I haven't seen it in years, but that's only because I don't hate myself). I suppose I could give it a better rating than 1, because it does have redeeming value as comic fodder. I could, but I won't. This movie will cause children to weep, women to wail, men to gnash their teeth, and frogs to search frantically for somebody to sue for defaming their species. You can try watching "Freddie as F.R.O.7" (I haven't mentioned how much I hate the title... but I hate it), but you'd probably have more fun using it as a shot put.


I remember seeing this film in theatres as a child. I don't remember much about it except that I did enjoy it. It's a good watch for the kiddies, probably not as watchable for the parents. Since I can't remember much I'd say take a chance on a $.99 kids' rental and then get Spy Kids for the whole family to watch.