» » Pathé's Weekly, No. 22 (1914)

Pathé's Weekly, No. 22 (1914) online

Pathé's Weekly, No. 22 (1914) online
Original Title :
Pathéu0027s Weekly, No. 22
Genre :
Movie / Short / News
Year :
Cast :
Christian Beyers,A. Roy Knabenshue,John Marquis
Type :
Rating :
Pathé's Weekly, No. 22 (1914) online

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As many French lives were lost on August 22, 1914, as during the entire Algerian War, fought between 1954 and 1962. Jean-Michel Steg, a historian who has written extensively on this military catastrophe – which nevertheless stopped the German Schlieffen Plan in its tracks – says he is as haunted by the fateful date as he is perplexed as to why it has slipped from the national consciousness. FRANCE 24: What exactly happened on August 22, 1914? Jean-Michel Steg: The deadliest months of the war were the first ones, between August and October, 1914. There are many reasons for this  .

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Short News English 16 March 1914 (USA). Artists Actors Fashion models Fashion designers Authors.

Next day, the Christmas Day of 1914, was the occasion of one of the most remarkable events in the history of warfare – the so-called Christmas Truce. This was a strictly unofficial ceasefire, and along a large line of the trenches an estimated 100,000 British, French and German troops put down their weapons, shook hands, exchanged gifts and pleasantries and even played friendly soccer matches. But it was back to business shortly afterwards – the French conducted air raids on the 27th December, when they attacked and bombed German aviation sheds at Frescaty railway station, near Metz.

Charlie goes to the movie and falls in love with a girl on the screen. He goes to Keystone Studios to find her. He disrupts the shooting of a film, and a fire breaks out. Charlie is blamed, gets squirted with a firehose, and is shoved by the female star. Written by. Ed Stephan <. A movie released in 1914 directed by Edwin S. Porter. Charlie and another man compete in trying to help a young lady cross a muddy street.

Chronicle of the war of 1914-1917. Petrograd: R. R. Golike and A. Vildborg, 1914-1917. The title of the magazine on the cover and the footer changed year accordingly: 1914 Chronicle of the war of 1914 (in part of the number 13: Chronicle of the war of 1914-1915); 1915 The Chronicle of the War of 1914-1915. 1916 Chronicle of the war of 1914-15-16. 1917 Chronicle of the war of 1914-1917 Weekly illustrated magazine published during the First World War in Petrograd.

The next morning, in some places, German soldiers emerged from their trenches, calling out Merry Christmas in English. Allied soldiers came out warily to greet them. In others, Germans held up signs reading You no shoot, we no shoot. Over the course of the day, troops exchanged gifts of cigarettes, food, buttons and hats. The Christmas truce also allowed both sides to finally bury their dead comrades, whose bodies had lain for weeks on no man’s land, the ground between opposing trenches. The Brief Newsletter.

Santa Monica, Cal: Bang, they're off. The fastest autos in the world whirl and skim and skid over the torturous course that leads to fame, or maybe, death, in the Grand Prize race. Rome, Italy: William of Wied, first king of liberated Albania, makes a visit to the Pantheon. Krugersdorp, South Africa: Riots striking laborers throughout the Transvaal have become so frequent that 60,000 veterans of the Boer War are mobilized here to check them. General Beyers, commanding, addresses the troops. Pasadena, Cal: All aboard for cloud-land. Roy Knabenshue, builder of air-craft, introduces to Pasadena the first "rubberneck" sky-wagon on the Pacific Coast. Many persons go up in the air with him daily. New Orleans, La: Ready to sail at an hour's notice for Vera Cruz to swell the fleet there, a flotilla of torpedo boats and destroyers lies at anchor here, crews aboard, guns ready, steam-valves popping. Vera Cruz, Mex: The flower of the American navy lies at anchor in the harbor here, awaiting the ...
Credited cast:
Christian Beyers Christian Beyers - Himself (as General Beyers)
A. Roy Knabenshue A. Roy Knabenshue - Himself
John Marquis John Marquis - Himself
William of Wied William of Wied - Himself