» » Wang Xifeng da nao ning guo fu (1939)

Wang Xifeng da nao ning guo fu (1939) online

Wang Xifeng da nao ning guo fu (1939) online
Original Title :
Wang Xifeng da nao ning guo fu
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Feng Yueh
Cast :
Lanjun Gu,Lumin Lu,Xi Mei
Type :
Rating :
Wang Xifeng da nao ning guo fu (1939) online

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Wang Xiang (185–269), courtesy name Xiuzheng, was an official who lived through the late Eastern Han dynasty (25–220), the Three Kingdoms period (220–280), and the early Western Jin dynasty (265–316) of China. He served among the highest positions in the government, including Minister of Works (司空) and Grand Commandant (太尉) in the Cao Wei state during the Three Kingdoms period, and Grand Protector (太保) during the Western Jin dynasty. He was also one of The Twenty-four Filial Exemplars.

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If anyone calls him Xiao Nao Nao (小孬孬) he will get so mad that his face turns black and his strength increases to an incredible level. After his wrath is expressed, he will revert to his normal state with no memory of what happened when his face turned black. But because she knows her inability of kung fu practice gives her the most deathly disadvantage, she ends her relationship with Guan Yu by giving him a potion to erase his memory of her as a fail safe to protect him from heartbreak if she dies in the battle. However, she survives the fall and meets Guan Yu in the 53rd Round. Gan Ning can produce musical atmospheres for multiple effects and combine his powers with his teammates to produce an attack called "Flame of Unity" (烈焰合).

Biography: Hong Bai is an actress, known for Jianmei Yundong (1930), Renjian Xianzi (1934) and Wang Xifeng da nao ning guo fu (1939). More Movies . Hong Bai Movies List. 1939) Cast: Love and Duty (1938) Cast

Cast overview:
Lanjun Gu Lanjun Gu
Lumin Lu Lumin Lu - (as Luming Lu)
Xi Mei Xi Mei
Hong Bai Hong Bai
Hong Li Hong Li