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Histoires fantastiques Gershwin's Trunk (1985–1987) online

Histoires fantastiques Gershwin's Trunk (1985–1987) online
Original Title :
Gershwinu0027s Trunk
Genre :
TV Episode / Animation / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Paul Bartel
Cast :
Bob Balaban,Lainie Kazan,John McCook
Writer :
John Meyer,Paul Bartel
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Histoires fantastiques Gershwin's Trunk (1985–1987) online

Une anthologie d'histoires où le fantastique s'invite. Steven Spielberg nous émerveille avec une série de courts métrages fantastiques réalisés par les plus grands réalisateurs du XXe siècle. Histoires Fantastiques Bande-annonce VF. All Episodes.

Title: Gershwin's Trunk (13 Mar 1987).

Histoires Fantastiques Saison 1 1985. Histoires Fantastiques Saison 1 streaming vf HD Bienvenue dans les histoires fantastiques. Asseyez-vous et écoutez les histoires incroyables qui sont. Directeur: Steven Spielberg. Acteurs: David Carradine, Kyra Sedgwick.

Watch Amazing Stories: Gershwin's Trunk from Season 2 at TVGuide. In "Gershwin's Trunk," a lyricist (Bob Balaban) seeks inspiration after contacting the spirit of the composer. Laurie: Carrie Fisher. Logan Webb: Hurd Hatfield. Sister Teresa: Lainie Kazan.

Find info and videos for '02x17 Gershwin's Trunk' from Amazing Stories TV Show (Season 2 Episode 17 - Gershwin's Trunk). First Aired: Mar. 13, 1987 on NBC. Summary: A broadway lyricist seeks inspiration by contacting the spirit of Gershwin through a psychic. Series Main Characters.

Histoires fantastiques est une série télévisée fantastique américaine en 45 épisodes de 23 minutes, créée, produite et partiellement réalisée par Steven Spielberg et diffusée aux États-Unis entre le 29 septembre 1985 et le 10 avril 1987 sur le réseau NB.

Amazing Stories S2, E17 - Gershwin's Trunk. Airdate: Friday, March 13, 1987. Frantic to deliver a hit musical, conniving Broadway composer Jo-Jo Gillespie contacts the spirit of George Gershwin through psychic Sister Teresa, and makes marvelous music from beyond the grave. Cast: Bob Balaban, Lainie Kazan, John McCook, Dana Gladstone, Hurd Hatfield, Paul Bartel, Irene Olga López, Luis Daniel Ponce, Pamela Galloway, Barbara Turvett, Alan Bardsley, Pattie Brooks, Christopher Blande.

Frantic to deliver a hit musical, conniving Broadway composer Jo-Jo Gillespie contacts the spirit of George Gershwin through psychic Sister Teresa, and makes marvelous music from beyond the grave. When some begin to suspect that his new music isn't actually his, Jo-Jo stops at nothing, even murder, to protect his secret and his downfall begins.
Episode cast overview:
Bob Balaban Bob Balaban - Jo-Jo Gillespie
Lainie Kazan Lainie Kazan - Sister Teresa
John McCook John McCook - Jerry Lane
Dana Gladstone Dana Gladstone - George Gershwin
Hurd Hatfield Hurd Hatfield - Logan Webb
Paul Bartel Paul Bartel - Detective Watts
Irene Olga López Irene Olga López - Carmen
Luis Daniel Ponce Luis Daniel Ponce - Pepi (as Danny Ponce)
Pamela Galloway Pamela Galloway - Trish Charlton
Barbara Turvett Barbara Turvett - Girl #1
Alan Bardsley Alan Bardsley - Boy #1
Pattie Brooks Pattie Brooks - Girl #2
Christopher Blande Christopher Blande - Boy #2

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Bob Balaban, who I've always enjoyed for his nerdy invasiveness, plays a composer of stage musicals who has committed a murder. He has split with his partner to go the Broadway thing alone. The sad thing is that he isn't that talented. The other guy was the real genius and was probably lucky to be rid of our hero. The story is told in flashbacks after a police detective has viewed his throwing a body off a bridge. He has also confiscated an inscribed pen that was left at the scene. Now, in flashback, we find out that while he is blocked in composing, he listens to his maid, who suggests he visit a medium she knows. He goes there (his wife has left him in the meantime) and she is able to bring forth the spirit of George Gershwin, who is his hero. Gershwin writes him a series of really good songs and his musical is coming together. His business partner suspects someone else is writing the show and confronts him. Balaban strikes him with a candelabra and kills him. Now we are back to present. A huge blood stain on the carpet and the police detective listening. The story is nicely set up and the conclusion is really neat. Watching Balaban squirm is worth seeing this.


Jo-Jo Gillespie is a writer of musicals. He has murdered a man. Detective Watts is about to arrest him. In flashback, Jo-Jo tells Watts what led to the murder: Jo-Jo was suffering from writer's block and he had to deliver a new musical soon. His cleaner, Carmen, told him to visit 'Sister Teresa', 'World Renowned Psychic'. Jo-Jo asked Teresa for help. She changed into George Gershwin's ghost, who helped Jo-Jo by writing songs for him. The man Jo-Jo murdered had noticed that these songs are so much different in style from his previous work that they can't have been written by Jo-Jo himself, and he threatened to tell.

Jo-Jo is sure that the new musical will be a success and offers Watts a deal: he will get a share of the profits if he doesn't arrest him. Watts has some conditions: he wants 50 per cent of the profits, and the musical has to be a (financial) success...

I liked this episode, especially the music (for example the song 'Balboa thought it was terrific, when he discovered the Pacific...'). I also liked the twist in the end and the stylish sets and costumes.

I liked it almost as much as 'Secret Cinema' (#1.20), also written or co-written and directed by Paul Bartel (he's also a supporting actor in both episodes). The stories also have something more in common: they are both farcical in style. I liked 'Secret Cinema' a bit better because I think that the story is more interesting and that it has better jokes. But, as I've said before, I liked this one almost as much, so it still deserves seven points in my opinion.
Lonesome Orange Kid

Lonesome Orange Kid

OK first off, I have seen this episode and liked it very much. Particularly, I liked the music. (the score was good, but I am primarily talking about the song I DISCOVERED YOU.) After 1/2 an hour of muddling through IMDb's myriad of FAQS, I could not find a way to alert them to a very glaring error. And it involves the ACTUAL composer and writer of that song. His name is NOT John Mayer and he is not dead yet. (as far as I know)His name is John Meyer, and he IS listed as one of the writers, but he also composed the song. When I first heard it, I could have sworn it was Sondheim. Proof you say? Well John has an album out with THAT song (I bought it on I-Tunes,it's good, though I wish there was the Amazing Stories version available) Also there is an article in the New York Times where Meyer describes his battles with Gershwin's widow during that episode. Google him.Second off, if anyone knows who the singers are in that song, the information would be greatly appreciated. IMDb lists Sheryl Lee Ralph as a singer. It is possible. She also sings (and amazingly so) on the MIGHTY QUINN soundtrack. But I seem to recall the singer was white and Sheryl is black...


When the show begins, a detective (Paul Bartel) confronts a famous songwriter, Jo-Jo (this oddly named guy is played by Bob Balaban). It seems he saw Jo-Jo dumping a body in the river! But instead of taking him to jail, the two talk a bit and the detective obviously has ulterior motives--to blackmail Jo-Jo. After all, the killer is famous and he could afford to pay him off to keep his mouth shut.

What follows is Balaban's story about his muse. After breaking up with his partner and growing to hate each other, he was stumped in creating his next Broadway show--and so he consulted Sister Theresa (terribly overplayed by Lainie Kazan) and she helps him channel the spirit of George Gershwin to write his next hit show. Unfortunately, there is a twist.

This episode of "Amazing Stories" is a great example of a story that could have been exciting and done quite well, such as if it had been filmed for "The Twilight Zone". But, as usual, "Amazing Stories" chooses to be obvious, loud and not the least bit subtle. A sad misfire.