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Why Alex Jones Had to Go (2018) online

Why Alex Jones Had to Go (2018) online
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Why Alex Jones Had to Go
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Why Alex Jones Had to Go (2018) online

Alex Jones (AlexJones) February 27, 2018. dhogg111 Also I have never been sued by survivors of any school shooting. Please stop the defamation. Alex Jones (AlexJones) February 27, 2018. dhogg111 Again Mr Hogg, in your name CNN has shut down my speech on YouTube. It is critical that you come out and support the 1st Amendment and not let them use you to end free speech. I will not speak to anyone that has had disgusting remarks to victims of mass shootings in the past, he told TheWrap. That led Jones into a final parting shot against the teenager, who he accused of deliberately baiting him.

To get unlimited content and more benefits, check out our Membership page. Jones, who is infamous for his frenzied political rants online, had been losing views since 2016, when he peaked with about 125 million monthly views in November, coinciding with the presidential election. In July of this year, the number of views on his videos was down to about 25 million, according to Tubular Labs, which tracks social media metrics.

Twitter is wrong about Alex Jones: facts are not enough to combat conspiracy theories. My colleague Laura Hudson examines the idea that journalists can effectively moderate Twitter by countering conspiracy theories with facts. A Reddit post about his work is now one of the most upvoted posts of all time. One poem actually led to a long-term thing. Well, I know what I’m doing this weekend. Silicon Valley strikes back against Infowars: all the news about Alex Jones’ platform battles

Today, Alex Jones posted a threat to the parents of Sandy Hook who dare to repeat what Jones has said: "At a certain point," he says, "do cease and desist letters have to go out? With a letter and videos and everything so it's all on record?. You see, I'm the one whose under assault, I'm the one whose being misrepresented. co/NWakPz7xMg pi. witter. Fox News accidentally puts up a poll graphic that shows how they are the least trusted network. UPDATE 4/12/2018: Yes, Fox did accidentally put up the wrong poll graphic, but Fox has since pointed out that the confusing graphic wasn’t actually showing that Fox is the least trusted network. Instead, what the graphic intended to do was to compare CNN, MSNBC and Fox News to Trump.

Social media goes Gestapo! wrote Bill Mitchell, a conservative Twitter personality with 366,000 followers, on Monday evening.

He had dinner with Farage and Roger Stone at the 2016 Republican Convention. Whilst Nigel Farage attended the meeting, it was not set up at his instigation. It was the timings around the visit that raised questions.

A dustup between Alex Jones, a notorious internet conspiracy theorist, and David Hogg, a 17-year-old survivor of the Parkland school shooting, may seem bizarre. But in some ways it was inevitable. Jones, an opponent of gun control, has argued that school shootings, including the 2012 Sandy Hook killings and the Parkland shooting in Florida, were faked to drum up opposition to guns. Hogg, meanwhile, has become one of the most vocal teens demanding protection from gun violence. Last week, YouTube pulled a video in which Jones said the Florida shooting that killed 17 was a deep state false flag.

Alex Jones is someone who routinely speaks with people such as David Icke on his radio show and therefore is open to the most out-there conspiracies. This is also a man who for the last decade or so has told us that both sides of the government are puppets, that Democrats are faux liberals and Republicans are false conservatives, for most of the noughties he denounced George Bush, mocked the NeoCons, and told us Obama was deceptive. Outside of the world of politics, you can go to YouTube and hear Alex’s rants against celebrities such as Michael Jackson, once calling him a peadophile freak and a demon who is in hell now. I guess the mainstream media are telling us all non-stop lies but they told us the God’s honest truth with regards to Jackson.

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