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Brutal (2006) online

Brutal (2006) online
Original Title :
Genre :
Movie / Crime / Drama / Horror / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Filip Halo
Cast :
Stella Trokana,Filip Halo,Nick Samaras
Writer :
Filip Halo
Budget :
Type :
Time :
1h 31min
Rating :

Five small time criminals plan the kidnapping of a rich girl. Everything that could go wrong with the plan actually goes wrong, leading them to a weird massacre.

Brutal (2006) online

Title: Brutal (2006). After the shooting of the movie, all actors and crew were sick for at least a week. The basement was really cold and the shooting took about 16 hours to complete. It was actually "brutal".

Ouvrir Brutal (2006) Trilha sonora. Brutal Foi lançado no ano de 2006, algumas músicas da trilha sonora oficial Equipollence by Homoiratus, op by Homoiratus. Ouça a trilha sonora online! Comprar filme: Play.

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This, by itself, was interesting to me, because I can’t for the life of me think of another Greek horror film I’ve ever seen. But Greece cinema is not something I’m especially familiar with

Before they finish gathering evidence from the first body, several more blood-spattered corpses turn up. With the help of a local tracker, the deputy uncovers a methodical pattern that may lead them to the madman.

Brutal (2006) - Watch Movies Online For Free. Run Time : Greece:91 min Country : Greece Company : MacabroFilms.

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A group of five men set up a plan to kidnap a young woman in order to get money from her father. It is a common ransom story, but these people can't stand each other for long, they want to take advantage of the situation, of her, and the tension can only bring trouble. 5 men, each one considers himself a leader and an experienced criminal. One of them tries to sexually abuse the young woman. The others will try to stop him, but how can you predict someone's reactions?
Cast overview:
Stella Trokana Stella Trokana - Victim
Filip Halo Filip Halo - The Boss (as Philippos Halatsis)
Nick Samaras Nick Samaras - Snitch
Theodore Mihopoulos Theodore Mihopoulos - Kidnapper 1
Panagiotis Xanthopoulos Panagiotis Xanthopoulos - Kidnapper 2
Giorgos Halatsis Giorgos Halatsis - Father
Aggelos Mato Aggelos Mato - Kidnapper 4

After the shooting of the movie, all actors and crew were sick for at least a week. The basement was really cold and the shooting took about 16 hours to complete. It was actually "brutal".

The actors didn't know if they were shooting a scene or if they were just rehearsing. The camera was always shooting, providing some of the best and most authentic material for the final cut. It can be literally called "found-footage".

Nobody involved with the movie ever thought that it could find a way to a film festival, or even become a movie at all. The actors weren't aware of the footage or the full story. Many scenes were shot private, without the presence of any other actors, but only the director and lead character of the movie. Due to the fact that many scenes were constructed by 5 or 10 different ones, but had to look like one long shot, small cuts were made in between, showing weird angles of the room, or even objects. Those shots were relevant to the action, but the angle was always pretty bizarre (even from inside an oven or a pot). This technique made the movie to become very stressful and pretty intense, even during simple dialogue scenes.

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4 guys kidnap a girl in order to ask her father for ransom. they take her to a basement where they start killing each instead of doing nasty things to her.

Story/script: As the director himself admits, there was no screenplay for this and this is more than obvious. Sequences that never end, endless swearing (as if anybody will be impressed) and badly executed fight scenes between the guys.

Acting: Horrible. The director stars once again and is bad beyond belief with an annoying Northern accent. The rest are also bad, including some old guy who is probably the director's dad. Since there was no script the cast obviously had to improvise. problem is none of the actors is good enough to do that and the results are... bad.

Direction, etc: No direction. My grandma could probably do better if somebody told her to grab a mini-DV camcorder and start filming random stuff. Camera work is so shaky and photography is so bad you can hardly see what is going on. poor locations. horrible editing job. picture quality is so low its hard to believe and this looks no better the average home video that a 10-year old kid would make. Special effects are lame to say the least.

sound/Music: sound is so badly recorded you can hardly hear what the "actors" are saying. music is death metal. The director is obviously a fan of that kind of music and never misses a chance to show us. At least you can bang your head while watching.

result: a total waste of time, this pathetic excuse of a movie that has the nerve to call itself "snuff" for commercial reasons. problem here is that "Brutal" is unwatchable. This mini-DV abomination looks like the work of somebody who has absolutely no clue on cinema and film making.


People sometimes don't get it, a director has no influence on media, when it comes to promoting the movie, if there is no studio or producer behind. He never wrote that the movie was "snuff" or horror, Brutal is a dark tragic comedy about 5 wanna-be criminals and how life sucks in general. How much people suck! The film festival and the magazine that promoted the movie in Greece, mentioned words like snuff and horror, but that was only a small part of their review and promotion, but somehow some people thought that it was such a movie, and they judged it in that context. There were even people who wrote bad stuff because the viewers during the first official screening were laughing a lot- YEAH IT IS A COMEDY!

The movie had a lot of haters somehow, who had no idea why this was so different and why it had some success. The preparation for this movie was long and what looks like natural amateur actors, are actors who really tried their best to become the parts. For about three months before the first shooting, the director together with the three main actors were trying a number of dangerous techniques to find ways to let themselves loose during filming. That is what looks so authentic inside and the reason some claim there is no direction or acting. The actors were surprised, because they didn't know what would happen next, if they would get insulted or hurt, it was all part of the process they agreed to be involved into, and it shows.

There are moments in Brutal that capture the reality of wanna-be criminals, they don't look like cinematic villains, they are real and sometimes far more dangerous than the fake bombastic criminals in movies, who have clever things to say and always stay cool. Brutal is realistic in terms of film-making and as a story. It is funny because it's real and has no filters. The movie doesn't expect you to like it, it doesn't give you a good time, you will not enjoy your popcorn, but that was the experiment and the exercise, how to create something anti-cinematic.

I agree that the camera technique was mixed and it was not always necessary to be shaky. This helped to create a hype and that is why some used to call it found footage or snuff. It is interesting if you see it as a hybrid between genres that don't mix. They called it road movie like an American one from the 70's, indeed it has similar moments. Neo-noir was the best term, because of the structure inside the movie, it starts with long talks, it builds up and it gets to the brutal final act. Someone mentioned that the action and the horror look like they jumped out of cartoon shows, which is true. It gets closer to EVIL DEAD when it comes to violence, but Brutal doesn't try to shock or scare. The language is one of the heaviest in Greek cinema, with a huge number of swear words and slang that nobody uses in movies, it is the real deal, and this is the only thing that shocked the audience when the movie first screened. It was more than expected and it went really far, the people on screen are talking about extreme stuff and make fun of them, like everyday people do.

Brutal is politically correct and incorrect at the same time. Don't get fooled thinking that this was amateurish, the script was originally 96 pages long, but no actor has read more than 5 intentionally. The director plays the main villain, for guiding and directing the other actors live on set. There was no real improvisation though, it was all part of the script. In the end, Brutal is a whole film school compressed in 90 minutes, success, failures, mistakes, greatness, everything is accepted and helps, if you try something different. You can write any critique good or bad, but you have to understand that this movie was made with nothing but one single camcorder, no lights, no crew and the director was part of the action in almost the entire movie. No extra cameraman, no special effects artist, this is exactly what people shoot with their cell phones or what they shoot in concerts, but somehow this turned into a movie that screened in theaters and has some deep meaning about what the stupid human nature is and how close we are to animals and beasts.