» » The META Ellie, Overwatch, and the Blizzard Conundrum (2018– )

The META Ellie, Overwatch, and the Blizzard Conundrum (2018– ) online

The META Ellie, Overwatch, and the Blizzard Conundrum (2018– ) online
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Ellie, Overwatch, and the Blizzard Conundrum
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TV Episode / News
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Directror :
Charles Adiukwu Jr.
Cast :
Chris Buckner,Charles Powers
Writer :
Brett Schoonover,Brett Schoonover
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TV Episode
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The META Ellie, Overwatch, and the Blizzard Conundrum (2018– ) online

Blizzard explains how 'Ellie' almost signed for a Contenders team.

Blizzard Entertainment provided statements concerning a player who allegedly quit an eSports team over claims of harassment and doxing. It turns out that none of that was true, and that the person who quit was actually a fabrication, as part of a "social experiment" that turned out to be a hoax. The entire story can be somewhat convoluted, but it all began back in late December of 2018 when the Overwatch Contenders' team, Second Wind, recruited a mysterious new rookie named "Ellie. This person had no other first or last name, and no personal identifying information about them. Eventually Ellie quit Second Wind, and the team blamed the pressures from the community and harassment as the reason why. The media ran with the angle that the community harassed a female player out of the Overwatch eSports league.

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Overwatch Contenders player Ellie stepped down from her team, Second Wind, after a wave of doxxing threats and harassment doubting their existence – and now multiple sources are reporting that it was indeed not them at the controls. Instead, it seems it was a ladder player called Punisher. Second Wind issued an official statement about the controversy late Friday on Twitter. We apologize to the community as a whole for not handling this situation better when we should have, and we will aim to do better.

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Overwatch Contenders team Second Wind announced a recently signed female player known as Ellie was, in fact, an imposter. The team identifies several issues that led to the identity of Ellie going unverified even after her signing to the team in late 2018

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