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Время смелых (2005) online

Время смелых (2005) online
Original Title :
Tiempo de valientes
Genre :
Movie / Action / Comedy / Crime / Drama / Mystery
Year :
Directror :
Damián Szifron
Cast :
Diego Peretti,Luis Luque,Óscar Ferreiro
Writer :
Agustín Rolandelli,Nicolás Smudt
Type :
Time :
1h 52min
Rating :
Время смелых (2005) online

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Watch Movie Время смелых Online. Good thing, for they find themselves in a stew of murder, arms dealers and corrupt cops, and only their new friendship will get them out alive. Olá pessoal, o filme da vez é Время смелых, típico filme para ser assistido no final de semana. Podemos classificar Время смелых em Mistério, Crime, Ação, Comédia, Drama, e tudo isso foi bem mesclado sem deixar o espectador confuso. Grandes nomes como Diego Peretti, Luis Luque, Oscar Ferreiro, Gabriela Iscovich fazem parte deste filme, o tornando um espetáculo à parte! E o que falar da atuação de Diego Peretti?

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Mariano Is a psychologist who must fulfill community service after losing a lawsuit by a traffic accident. He is forced to provide therapeutic support to Alfredo, a policeman depressed over his wife cheating on him. Mariano is then accidentally involved in a double homicide investigation being conducted by Alfredo.
Credited cast:
Diego Peretti Diego Peretti - Mariano Silverstein
Luis Luque Luis Luque - Alfredo Díaz
Óscar Ferreiro Óscar Ferreiro - Lebonian
Gabriela Izcovich Gabriela Izcovich - Diana (as Gabriela Iscovich)
Martín Adjemián Martín Adjemián - Police inspector
Tony Lestingi Tony Lestingi - Arias
Ernesto Claudio Ernesto Claudio - Lomianto
Daniel Valenzuela Daniel Valenzuela - Pontrémoli
Carlos Portaluppi Carlos Portaluppi - Villegas
Marcelo Sein Marcelo Sein - Farina
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Víctor Hugo Carrizo Víctor Hugo Carrizo - Sambi
Óscar Guzmán Óscar Guzmán - Ordenanza
Mariano Musó Mariano Musó
Horacio Nitalo Horacio Nitalo
Jorge Ochoa Jorge Ochoa - Forensic

In addition to its dark humor and its sarcastic tone, the original title of the movie resembles Pulp Fiction (1994)"s spanish translated title: "Tiempos Violentos". Furthermore, the final title card uses a very similar font and colour to the one used in Quentin Tarantino's Movie.

User reviews



This is a very funny movie, easy to watch, that entertains you almost all the time. The work of the Director is recognizable and the type of humor is his trademark. The movie is a typical police partners history like lethal weapon, but the jokes and comedy are of Argentinian sort. The twist is that one of them is a psychologist played by Peretti and has to go with detective Diaz (played by Luque) on his assignments while he also assist him (Diaz is troubled because his wife cheated on him). Some of the dialogs are hilarious worldwide: understandable and laughable anywhere. Is very good overall, it would deserved an 8, but I rated 7 because it gets a little down at the end. On a personal remark I must add that is a "bravo" for Argentinian Filmmakers, considering the little good is coming lately.


This movie is Damian Szifrón's second immersion in movies after his excellent character study in "El Fondo del Mar". With "Tiempo De Valientes" he creates extremely well done characters, far away from prototypes and with an unprecedented chemistry between them. I've seen Szifron's talent to present every character in a lighthearted way but just enough to involve us emotionally with them. His control over them is magnificent, so he restores on the movie a great direction and an overall brilliantly polished script, the characters laugh and cry with real sentiment and invite the viewer to join them in their emotions and their evolution on screen.

The Spanish takes over the English, the Buenos Aires urban landscape at night replaces Hollywood sets and the premise is just as interesting as any other, so we have a film daring to compete over Hollywood's Machinery.

But I want you to see the movie mainly because I've never dealt with such endearing characters, all of them. It seems the script suits perfectly to the actors and vice versa. I really believe with a film making like this Argentina is really up to the Competition.


A hilarious Action comedy in which Damian Szifron takes into the lives of Díaz, a cop whose wife has cheated on him. He is living in a hotel feeling guilty about his wife's unfaithfulness, falling into depression he stops caring, running red lights just for fun, feeling sorry for himself. And Silberman, a Jewish shrink on probation, a leftist liberal who does not trust cops at all. He is told to accompany Díaz in his daily duties, unable to refuse due to the terms of his probation. Soon the situation reverts when Silberman himself finds out his wife is cheating on him, and ends up being comforted by the very person he was supposed to help, a person he did not trust at all in the beginning. A nuclear conspiracy, car thieves, international spies, a hysterical wife. Weird characters in a delightful comedy about friendship and heroism.


I sit through movies like "Tiempo de valientes" and I want to talk about cinema for hours. The admiration this movie caused me is beyond my own limits of explanation, because I'm watching the scenes of the film and I search inside my thoughts for film-making ideas and dialogue innovations that could emerge from something bigger than Damian Szifron's mind.

Looking the environment, so uncompromised, so simple, I'm thinking; this man is a genius. No wonder he created what is probably the best television show Argentina ever witnessed, and then a first movie full of elements some contemporary directors haven't still achieved. "El fondo del mar" is the name and, it awakened (a few years ago), my enthusiasm for our everyday cinema.

Starting his journey from people's daily real lives, Szifron goes where Pablo Trapero never could in "El Bonaerense"; the Federal Police Department's life. Trapero's film was a journey into a man's mind and experiences, not into the places he saw. Yes, there was a detailed training and lots of crime situations, but Szifron in "in there", his is more of a detective story, like the ones we know and love, with the mysteries and the thrilling music.

But there's a lot of humanity in his writing, and he shows us his investigation through the eyes of his main characters, Alfredo Díaz and Mariano Silverstein. There are a lot of actors of great caliber in the film, but these two actors are the ones the film can't do without. The first character (Luis Luque) is a detective that has just found out his wife cheats on him; and has to work on a case.

The second one is a psychiatrist that is assigned the treatment of the detective. He wants to deal with him in regular sessions but the sheriff takes advantage of the time disposition and suggests he joins Díaz in his routines: "It's nothing, the usual stuff; no problem". But it is bigger than that, and it will unfold a part of the doctor's personality he didn't know.

The relationship developed between the two leads can't be explained unless it is observed, because it regards such a complexity that demonstrates how talented are some men like Szifron that are trying, today, to leave a signature in our history. Reaching points of unbelievable spontaneity, during a high pressure situation, Díaz tells Silverstein: "How do we continue our treatment?", and Silverstein answers: "No, I'm not your doctor. You call me to have dinner; I'm your friend": we laugh because we can't help it.

And we can't help laughing when Díaz crashes a car in the street and doesn't gives importance to it, or when he trespasses all the red lights in the street, or when he smokes pot in his police patrol and Silverstein can't believe it (but then smokes it too because he's screwed up); or when Silverstein tries to be friendly with Díaz's robber friends. Magic from Diego Peretti is what we receive there. He, a psychiatrist himself, gives a performance in plan "Locas de amor", but impresses with all his range. Luis Luque on the other hand, is back on track with a top-notch portrayal that reminds us the great actor he is.

There's a passion I have for this, and as I said, I could write about it for hours, but unfortunately that's not the way it works and I have to be precise and summarize. Although I have to watch a lot of the old movies and study them, I could assure that "Tiempo de valientes" is the comedy Argentina had been waiting for and never got…Until now.


Tiempo de valientes is a very fun action comedy.After his great fist movie called El fondo del mar and the excellent TV series Los simuladores,Damian Szifron made another great work.Tiempo de valientes is very well written,acted and directed.Diego Peretti and Luis Luque have a perfect chemistry with each other and bring great performances.The movie is very fun and funny and it has superb moments.Tiempo de valientes is a very fun action comedy that I totally recommend if you wanna have a great time.And I have to congratulate Szifron for all the talent he has.



Tiempo de Valientes fits snugly into the buddy action movie genre, but transcends its roots thanks to excellent casting, tremendous rapport between its leads, and outstanding photography. Diego Peretti stars as Dr. Silverstein, a shrink assigned to ride shotgun with detective Diaz (Luis Luque), who's been assigned to investigate the murder of two minor hoods who seem to have been involved in am arms smuggling conspiracy. Diaz has been suspended from duty, but he's the best man for the job and must have professional psychiatric help in order to be reinstated. Silverstein and Diaz soon find themselves enmeshed in a conspiracy involving Argentina's intelligence community and some uranium, and the film separates them at a crucial point that allows Silverstein to develop some impressive sleuthing skills of his own. Peretti and Luque are excellent together and remind me of screen team Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, though Peretti isn't as classically handsome as Hill. Remarkably, even at almost two hours in length Tiempo de Valientes doesn't wear out its welcome, and indeed writer-director Damian Szifron sets up a potential sequel in the film's charming coda. All in all, a wonderful and very entertaining action comedy that neither panders to the lowest common denominator nor insults your intelligence.


Should this be an American movie I'd rate it 7: we've seen this before. Being this an Argentinean movie, and being myself Argentine, I'd like to give it a 10, since it's the kind of quality I'd been hoping -rather than expecting- for. It's superb quality is astonishing, given all the limitations imposed by the 3rd World...

I can't forget the scene when Díaz forces Silverstein's fiancé to confess -you know what I mean if you saw the movie. I think that's the key moment of the movie, not surprising maybe, yet original. That's when the real action begins.

Before watching a movie I always try to gather some previous information. Being this a mainstream, satyric, commercial one, I press "Play" and make a suspension of reality and logic, I'd say the best state of mind to enjoy movies like this. It's impossible to discuss the plausibility of the whole plot, yet it's believable in a certain way. As for me, I couldn't stop laughing at every single joke and commentary -"sos malo" ("you're mean")... put in the mouth of Díaz, the greatest one.

I'm rather tired of seeing movies "designed for" Peretti. I know he's a superb actor, but sometimes I feel his roles unfairly opaque the rest, Luis Luque's role in this case. I'm not very fond of Argentine television, so I haven't seen much work from Luque, but it's pretty obvious that he's an excellent performer. His physical role, his stares, his content attitude in this movie made me fall in love with his performance. I think his role should need some upgrading, just to let him show us how great he can be!

I don't know whether Szifrón is planning to make a sequel or not. I know he won't make it if it's to follow the rule that "second parts were never good", so if he makes it, I'll surely go see it. And I hope that, in the future, takes into account the possibility to give Peretti's counterparts the same chances to develop their roles.

Great movie, great performances, and lots of laughs!


What would happened when a depressed cop works with a shrink on probation? May be a lot of fun... This movie set a benchmark in the action/comedy genre of the Argentinean cinema. Dearable characters, probable story and a pace that between laughs has some thrill. I recommended it for a pleasant time of entertaining. Peretti and Luque join their efforts to fight against a cold and daringly foe in a time when it's difficult to trust someone. This movie will surprise you, the other side of the coin of "Analyze me", but not alike, with nothing to envy. And if you like to know Bs.AS there where few scenes of downtown and the city center.


This film is about a psychiatrist becoming an unlikely hero because he got attached to do a community service in the police department.

I must say the direction is great. The film is made in a fun way, which makes it a great fast paced comedy. I like the dialog a lot as well, the psychiatrists lines are particularly witty. The most memorable scene is when the cop forces a confession from the psychiatrist's wife, that is so hilaroius1 Cops really know what they are doing! One thing though, is that the film does not portray Argentinian military well, I wonder if they had any problems in showing the film in Argentina. To sum up, this film is a great and fun comedy, it surely will make you happy!


I never write reports and this is my first one, for a reason. I've watched many movies and none of them made me write any review. There are no spoilers.

BEFORE --- watching a movie I expected an intelligent psychological drama containing humor. And that was in the beginning. What I got later was so much different from this, and it was still in a good way. What turned the film upside down was the ACTION that was added to it, but then, the REALISTIC side of the film was fading out (more about the policeman).

PLOT --- If one was watching it while not really paying attention to the plot you could say it's realistic, but it wasn't fully anymore. That was the only minus, but as this is not a documentary it doesn't matter. Moreover, the not-realistic later part of the movie had the great IDEAS. The idea of – FRIENDSHIP as itself, despite of the environment saying bad things; the idea of the LIARS, hypocrites, sanctimonious people around you who are lying to you in the face and your decision what will you do about it; the most important! the idea of the EVIL around you, people accepting it as something normal and your decision what will you do about it. I know all this could sound maybe sound too philosophical for one movie, but that what it was about, right? The psychological part of the movie was actually the whole movie itself.

END --- when Diaz felt relieved and positive again, it wasn't because he spent the time with the psychologist as one short free time they were having together and talking, but it was about him REALIZING the meaning of life. How it wasn't just about living as surviving or trying to survive, or even having a family or a work. It was about realizing the VALUE OF ONE MAN'S LIFE and the GOODNESS the human life could spread – here, by saving the policeman's life because it is worth. The psychologist realized Diaz was on the good side, being honest and FAIR, and even if he was the only good one in the police station, the psychologist decided to turn against everyone to help him.

Those ideas make the film very valued in my sense. The acting was marvelous with putting an emphasize on Diego Peretti who was the only unique character in the film. He was the only positivity in the whole film, who would tell the most serious characters in the movie not to be so serious because it's not worth anything; who was able to tell the most dangerous serial killers not to say bad words when they were threatening him; who helped a good friend – in the hypothetical fiction, Diaz could be the last good person in the world, and the question is – would we rather stay in the hypothetically whole evil world by continuing to live OR to save the last fair person who has that value? I recommend the movie to everyone.


Very intelligent humor Excellent performing I can't believe how people could think it deserves a 1/10! I hope this movie will be shown everywhere so everyone can enjoy it If you ever have the opportunity, watch it... don't miss it There is a part when the principal actors are driving and singing "Happy birthday" and "el payaso plinplin" (an Argentinian song for kids (I think... it could also be south American, I'm not sure)). This two songs that have the same melody... but people don't usually realize that... it's just grate! I tried to write this in both Spanish and English, because it's an Argentinian movie... but the page wouldn't allow me :( Hope you enjoy it!


Impeccable production characterizes this jewel of a film. The photography, as realistic as present technique allows it to be, introduces us in intimate contact to this couple --the policeman and his psychoanalyst-- so cozily that we feel we are there with them, following their casual conversation in the car, few minutes into the movie, while looking at a lovingly photographed Buenos Aires on hand picked locations as if we are just seeing a background on an apparently casual route.

The camera movements are awesome. Its smoothness throughout the whole movie makes of every scene a natural happening helped by a precise use of lighting, either for the day scenes or the night time.

What can we say about the director --Damián Szifron-- and his actors? they are a sheer joy in every scene --not only Diego Peretti and Luis Luque, the above mentioned couple of psychoanalyst and patient --every single actor in this movie is role perfect, delivering their lines with a naturalness that was absolutely unknown in the historical Argentinian films. There are many clever lines, in the comedy scenes and in the dark --very dark-- serious moments, specially with that cameo intervention of Gabriela Iscovich --the psychoanalyst wife-- in a hilarious role.

A superbly entertaining film with a bit of everything, comedy, noir, mystery, violence, all done with that Argentinian flavor unique to this country, like that scene in the policeman car, where the three guys are drinking Mate --the Argentinian familiar drink par excellence-- as if drinking Mate in a police car was a natural, everyday situation.

Excellent film from any point of view.


This was a fun movie to watch. Great chemistry between Luque and Peretti on screen, good character development.

If you loved Los Simuladores you must watch this.