» » Him and His Magic (1980)

Him and His Magic (1980) online

Him and His Magic (1980) online
Original Title :
Him and His Magic
Genre :
Movie / Comedy
Year :
Directror :
Geoffrey Sax
Cast :
Linda Lou Allen,Baburao,Philip Martin Brown
Writer :
Geoff Rowley
Type :
Time :
Rating :
Him and His Magic (1980) online

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Willy McBean and His Magic Machine is a 1965 full-length stop-motion puppet animation film produced by Rankin/Bass Productions in the United States and Dentsu Motion Pictures in Japan. It was released by Magna Pictures Distribution Corporation, and released in movie theaters on June 23, 1965. Its main theme is time travel. Willy McBean is sick of trying to learn history for school

A guide to Him And His Magic, the 1980 ITV TV sitcom. Sitcom play starring Philip Martin Brown as Stanley, a man en route from London to Stockport. Sorry, we don't yet have a full guide to this comedy.

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Credited cast:
Linda Lou Allen Linda Lou Allen - Darlene
Baburao Baburao - Baba (as Babu Rao)
Philip Martin Brown Philip Martin Brown - Stanley
Pravin Chouchan Pravin Chouchan - Nijax
Pamela Cundell Pamela Cundell - Woman in Shop
Gora Dasgupta Gora Dasgupta - Boy at Shop's Till
Saad Ghazi Saad Ghazi - Hamid
Betty Hardy Betty Hardy - Gran
Paul Luty Paul Luty - Uncle Ernie
Joan Scott Joan Scott - Mum
Renu Setna Renu Setna - Uncle Zabat