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Worst Day of the Week (2014) online

Worst Day of the Week (2014) online
Original Title :
Worst Day of the Week
Genre :
Movie / Short / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
John Wesley Norton
Cast :
Shannon Brown,Ruth Kaufman
Writer :
John Wesley Norton
Type :
Rating :
Worst Day of the Week (2014) online

Title: Worst Day of the Week (2014).

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Track Name: Wednesday (The Worst day of the Week). WEDNESDAY (THE WORST DAY OF THE WEEK) (Letra y Música: María del Mar G-Meneses). It’s Wednesday, the worst day of the week. And I know it’s in the middle, the middle of nowhere, 'cause it’s too soon and it’s too late for the weekend. It’s Thursday, there’s only one more day to see you, I’m getting nervous, I’m counting down the hours that last for the weekend, for our weekend. That journey we had planned for two days in the snow. I’m dying for it, I want to see you soon. It’s Wednesday, the worst day of the week and I’ve called you a thousand times now, although it’s not the same. I can’t wait any more minute to see you. It’s Thursday, I’m checking my computer, I’m printing some new bookings. We have so many plans though. can’t wait for the weekend, for our weekend.

The Worst Day of the Year Ride is the annual cycling event held in Portland, Oregon, in the United States. The ride, supposedly timed to the worst weather day of the year, has been called a "statement that bikers in Portland are willing to put tire to road regardless of how awful and depressing the weather may be". Riders pay to participate. It is common for cyclists to wear costumes. Race organizers started a costume contest and the event has been called a "winter Halloween for cyclists".

Among the galore of hits in 2014, we bring you the worst of dialogues from Bollywood films that were also a part of the canvas and will make you cringe. Bollywood films are all about their dialogues, but not all of them are worth mouthing again. In 2014, there were quite a few that had the audience squirming in their seats. Many wondered that the ones writing them were surely not in the right frame of mind to jot down something as ridiculous as them. And this is not restricted to small films alone, but also to some very popular films

Funny pictures about The Worst Day Of The Week. Oh, and cool pics about The Worst Day Of The Week. Also, The Worst Day Of The Week photos. Everyone In The Theater Receives A Text Message At The Same Time. Baby Deer Walks Up To Little Girl. Her Reaction? Adorable. He Was There To Watch The Game, But Then They Pointed The Camera At Him. A Rich Woman Abandoned This Apartment In 1942, What They Just Found Inside Is Incredible. Ultra-realistic Fantasy Dolls, It's Scary How Real They Look. This Medical Team Deserves Some Serious Respect. Quite Possibly The Greatest Service Dog Ever. And This Is Why People Like Jennifer Lawrence So Much. Nursing Home Residents Recreate Movie Scenes.

Portland Comedy Co-op. and Worst Day of the Week present Brandie Posey! Posey is a stand up comedian from Los Angeles, CA, who has opened up for Against Me! She is the co-creator & host of Picture This, the popular comedy-animation show with franchises in LA, Portland, OR, New York & San Francisco.

Not every day is created equal. Posted on February 14, 2014, 20:12 GMT. Sam Stryker. What, isn't Monday supposed to be the worst day of the week, you ask? NOPE. Tuesdays are the Siberia of days: gray, bleak, and they fucking suck. Mondays are pretty bad too, but in a way, if your Monday really stinks, it's kind of a badge of honor. Remember, Monday is the first day after the weekend and thus is sort of a "repayment" period for all the atrocities that you may have committed in the previous few days

Cast overview:
Shannon Brown Shannon Brown - Jeffrey
Ruth Kaufman Ruth Kaufman - Mother