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Ziví mrtví The First Day of the Rest of Your Life (2010– ) online

Ziví mrtví The First Day of the Rest of Your Life (2010– ) online
Original Title :
The First Day of the Rest of Your Life
Genre :
TV Episode / Drama / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Year :
Directror :
Greg Nicotero
Cast :
Andrew Lincoln,Norman Reedus,Lauren Cohan
Writer :
Frank Darabont,Robert Kirkman
Type :
TV Episode
Time :
Rating :
Ziví mrtví The First Day of the Rest of Your Life (2010– ) online

First song during opening scenes. The walking Dead: Season 7 Finale: Does anyone know the name of the song/instrumental that plays right at the end when Maggie is talking? REPLY. follow without registering. Reply +1. Post Question +1. CONTRIBUTORS.

I don't wanna spend the rest of my life alone Where's life taking me? I don't wanna spend the rest of my life alone Always traveling. I'm gonna chase my dreams and catch up to them I'm gonna find you some how, some way, somewhere, some day. First day of the rest of our lives, I miss you already Last time I saw that look in your eyes, I miss you already First day of the rest of our lives I miss you already The last time I'll see that look in your eyes I miss you already. I wanna love my job I wanna love my life But most of all, I wanna fall in love

You'd be the last one I'd expect to act like, this. It's time to never let this happen, a million times again. It's time to put these reflexes to rest, yeah. Tell me just what you really want, they say it's love, you're just fucked up. Tell me just what you really say to make them think they love you. You'd be the last one I'd expect to act like this. You'd be the last one I'd expect to act like, this.

And so we reach the end of a long, dark season of The Walking Dead. It has been an uphill struggle to enjoy this one compared to previous seasons, but Season 7 at least ended on more of a success – in terms of our heroes and the show itself – than last year's wrap-up. Taking her own life and becoming walker to attack Negan was a fascinating end for the character, coffin and all. Actress Sonequa Martin-Green, of course, is off to the Final Frontier (well, Star Trek: Discovery) and as Sasha journeyed to The Undiscovered Country, we were treated to flashes of her talking with Abe about sacrifice (a little too on the nose, perhaps?) and Maggie about why they fight. It has been tough to watch a lot of this season, but the finale went some way to showing that the balance has somewhat been restored.

Extras From This Episode. Talking Dead: Bonus Scene: Season 7, Episode 16. Talking Dead: Highlights: Season 7, Episode 16. (SPOILERS) Inside The Walking Dead: Season 7, Episode 16. (SPOILERS) Making of The Walking Dead: Season 7, Episode 16. (SPOILERS) Talked About Scene from The Walking Dead: Season 7, Episode 16. (SPOILERS) Wrapping Up Season 7 of The Walking Dead. SPOILERS) Farewell to the Fallen of the Season 7 Finale

The Walking Dead' season finale recap: Just getting started. Kelly Lawler, USA TODAY Published 11:43 . ET April 2, 2017 Updated 9:14 . The Season 7 finale of 'The Walking Dead' gave fans the battle they've been waiting for all season. Alexandria lost the first round, however, given the superior numbers of the Saviors and the Garbage people. After a brief skirmish the Alexandrians were pinned down by their opponents, and it all seemed just a little familiar. Here all our heroes were, on their knees in front of Negan and Lucille, cornered, terrified, and anyone could die, just like in the season premiere. But there are a number of threads left hanging at the end of the episode that Season 8 will have to reckon with, too. What happened to Gregory? He apparently defected to the Saviors, but did he tell them anything?

The stakes keep mounting higher and higher as different stories clash, while the group enacts an intricate plan. Watched It I've Watched This. Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 02, 2017 on AMC. Important: You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload.

Suddenly all those romantic, fateful flashbacks of Abraham and Sasha that peppered the episode’s first 40 minutes made sense. The flashbacks took us back to the day Abraham died: Sasha didn’t want him to join the party on the risky journey taking the pregnant Maggie to get medical treatment. She was right of course: Abraham and Glenn were murdered by Negan later that day after being captured by the Saviors. But Abraham was right too, morally speaking, in his resolve to stand by Maggie. She’s carrying the future.

The stakes continue to grow higher as paths cross; The group enacts an intricate plan as the saviors arrive in Alexandria.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Andrew Lincoln Andrew Lincoln - Rick Grimes
Norman Reedus Norman Reedus - Daryl Dixon
Lauren Cohan Lauren Cohan - Maggie Greene
Chandler Riggs Chandler Riggs - Carl Grimes
Danai Gurira Danai Gurira - Michonne
Melissa McBride Melissa McBride - Carol Peletier
Lennie James Lennie James - Morgan Jones
Sonequa Martin-Green Sonequa Martin-Green - Sasha Williams
Alanna Masterson Alanna Masterson - Tara Chambler
Josh McDermitt Josh McDermitt - Eugene Porter
Christian Serratos Christian Serratos - Rosita Espinosa
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Negan
Seth Gilliam Seth Gilliam - Gabriel Stokes
Ross Marquand Ross Marquand - Aaron
Austin Amelio Austin Amelio - Dwight

User reviews




First of all, I'm being waaaaaaaay too generous giving this episode a 2. The only reason why I'm giving it a 2 star is because Sasha is gone and that's praise worthy.

Anyhow, what the hell is wrong with the writing, directing, and management of this show?

I literally had to skip 10 minutes of it because it's Sasha high on acid tripping about her dyed ass dead redhead in the most boring conversation of all time. Every time they showed her face with those headphones, I started skipping cause I just couldn't take anymore of pointless, meaningless dialogue.

Then when it finally gets to some action, it's the most ridiculous battle I've ever seen in movie/series history. So here's Rick's group, surrounded by enemies at all fronts, outnumbered like 3 to 1, but somehow, because Zombie Sasha tries to get it on with Negan, all of Rick's foes are suddenly stunned and unable to fire. So Rick's group goes out shooting in every direction without anyone shooting back.

Then they finally get surrounded as it would naturally happen, and suddenly, unnoticed, like 50 people with a god damn tiger come in without anyone noticing, again, shooting in every direction and everyone of the like 5 different factions there knows exactly who to hit, without any friendly fire. Not only that, they just stand in a line of fire wide open, like it's one of those 1700's battles.

And even tho Negan has his window rolled down in his truck and has his arm sticking giving everyone the finger, none of the like 50 people shooting the damn truck is able to even come close.

Well, summarizing. This was the worst action scene I've seen in a very long time. I can't even think of something worst right now.

I tried very hard to give this show a break, but it's no use. Millions of dollars of budget for CGI gunfire (not even like dummy ammo), poorly organized scenes, terrible dialogues, and horrible, HORRIBLE, acting. I mean, some exceptions on acting, but mostly horrible.

How dare does anyone compare this show to Game of Thrones? This hardly compares to Bollywood movies.


Forgive me lord for i have sinned,I Watched This Show Again After Quitting.May Be It Was A Part Fan Of Me Who Thought About Giving It Another Chance,I used to love the show it once was, I hate the show its become. I did Not Expected Much From This Episode But It Was Worse Than You Can Imagine.Like Thousands Of bullets were shot, no one from Rick's team died ... how convenient, not even 1 walker showed up with all that noise ,even more convenient!And how did the tiger know who is the enemy and who is not? letting a tiger loose in a battle field to randomly attack anyone is not the best of ideas.This Show Has Become So Much Predictable.Plot Is too Weak.And They Wants To Show Negan As The Evilest Monster Of TV History and At The Same Time Every Person Who Tries To Kill Him,He Spared Everyone Daryl,Carl,Rosita,Sasha. And Again When he Was Going To Kill Carl finally Maggie And Carol Suddenly Appears From Nowhere Negan has his Guard down in his truck and has his arm sticking giving everyone the finger,not single one of those like 50 people shooting the damn truck is able to even come close,very Bad Writing. they are just compromising with Quality so they Can continue and make more money to Continue This Show. it was an average, mostly boring and forgettable episode. And Finally I Want to Thanks That Guy Who Wrote Review for This Episode Titled-"Stands with Ozymandias as one of the Best TV Episodes of All Time" And He is For Sure High On Crystal Meth,While Writing This Line.Now It's Confirmed Heisenbeg Is Still Alive Somewhere And In Business.Vince Gilligan Salutes You Dude.


Many people can't learn to move on, Life is a changing thing, I couldn't imagine years ago how the world will change to be what its now, but we as human can acclimate and move on. The show is not the same as it was on season 1 or 2, and this is not a bad thing, it started as a pure zombie show, till the point the main cast got used to deal with zombies/walkers that they almost make no threat, well its not resident evil, So the show won't get an evolved form, and it tries its best to be kind of realistic (even though it can't be all the time, an example of this season is shiva being able to detect the enemy from the allies). Well back to the important point, the show is still doing great for me, and the same goes for people that I know, and I don't mind another season like this at all, just no cliffhangers like the one in season 6, the cliffhanger on this season is pretty good.

Walking dead will continue to walk on this route for the next season diffidently, so if season 7 was not your cup of tea, its the time to move to another cafe, rather than raining it with unneeded sighs.


The walking dead are not walking anymore, they are rolling around, headless and aimless. Who do they think we are? I mean, do the producers of this dumb... really think that we will continue to love a series when it as no purpose anymore, and no final objective? As another ex-fan has already said, this may be one of the worst episode of the history of TV. Come on! Except for its first episode, the whole seventh season was endless flashbacks and meaningless blah-blah- blahs. Heroes were uselessly humiliated, villains were dumb as... (oh yes, Negan hasn't killed Rick because he wanted to show that he was better than him? Really?). Why, oh why did you insult our intelligence this way? And after a very frustrating season where nothing really happened, we come back to the same situation as the beginning of the season. Lest the cliffhanger of the last season? Come on! Who are you trying to cheat? TWD has been, for quite some time, a very good series. But thanks to (very) bad scenarists and producers, this success is now not more than a pound of dead and rotten meat. I don't care anymore fort TWD. I have been tricked one time too much to watch this nonsense. It's over for me. RIP or rot in hell TWD, I won't shed a tear.


Sorry if this is too long, i don't write much reviews but i had to do it for this one... if you want the short review of this just scroll down to the final conclusion(+/-)

Last season's finale had the potential to be the best episode of the walking dead and that ending(before the cliffhanger) was terrifying, had perfect horror elements: the woods, whistling was creepy as hell, main characters on their knees, 0 chance to escape, that one dude with a chainsaw, and they messed that up perfectly with a sweet cliffhanger!.

anyone else thinks they did the same stupid thing as they did last season?? or am i the only one to notice that?? - oh lesbian doctor gets killed in an ambush, 1 episode later Daryl goes to "avenge" her by going after them even tho there are lots of them and probably waiting to see if anyone comes back and WHAT A SURPRISE they DO come back, yelling and arguing in the very same location where they fought not so long ago, like 12 hours before. = dumb writing for the story line where they get "caught" by the saviors

same thing this season, oh i'm Ro-Si-TA-H, i'm a bad b-1tch i want to kill Negan and Sasha will help me, but instead of playing the assassin role I,Sasha the sniper girl will not wait Negan to come out later and shoot him from the safe distance, that's dumb! I BETTER run into their base like a headless chicken... yeah that a great plan!!! = same dumb writing for the story line where she gets "caught"

okay lets get to this episode... this season was supposed to be full of character development and this build up to a war right?but deep down we all know that s7 is slow and dumb and lazy in writing = disappointing

but we expected a BANG for this finale, episode was mostly alright for the 40 minutes if we exclude boring flashbacks, come on if you gonna bring the dude back at least make it interesting or funny not boring as hell... shoot out scenes were executed so badly i don't know how that managed to slip away when they were editing that....

How did they sank this low in directing?? they really don't care anymore do they???, i want everyone who reads this to re-watch that fight again(if you didn't DVR'd it or something you can probably see it on YouTube, i'm sure someone uploaded it) and tell me i'm wrong, there was at least 10 ways Carl/Rick could've been wounded/shot by saviors, please watch that again even in slow motion to SEE HOW BAD IT REALLY IS, well at least 80% of it.

i really loved Shiva there, that was nicely done, she saved that episode a bit

my final conclusion: i feel like this episode should have been longer, more talking with Dwight, more preparation, more dialogues between Rick and Jadis to spice up the twist a bit more, and more fighting.

+ Shiva

+ Maggie and Sasha flashback to s5 when they were watching the sunrise

+ Maggie's narrating speech

+ Garbage people twist(predictable but at least they did that right)

+ set up for a much bigger war

  • poorly executed fight(possibly the worst one in this show)

  • cheesy(or as some would say "cringy") King Ezekiel

  • all the build up this season, for what??? ... a ~10 minute fight?

  • short length for this kind of episode

  • very V E R Y predictable ending where kingdom comes to save the day

i give it a 4 only because of Shiva and Maggie's speech

as i already said this season is the lowest point in this show but there were still memorable episodes like: 7x01, 7x03, 7x08, 7x09 and 7x15

this show became way too predictable, there is no suspense anymore, stuff to let us wonder(except Heath and Sherry), no horror element, violence was toned down for season 7(after like the first 2 or 3 episodes) this season is the lowest point for the show, i hope it recovers, i really do


I was a long time fan of the Walking Dead... WAS! I have finally had enough. For years now the writers have taken their audience for granted. The past few seasons have only had 3-4 good episodes each. The rest are boring and formulaic. I feel like a drug addict who got hooked on the good stuff and has been using diluted crap ever since. In this episode barely anything happens until the last minute (literally) then the episode is over.


Well.......what a fitting end of a truly disappointing season. It is only my own opinion but what an awful finale episode. This season was disappointment after disappointment after the truly great episode one, never before was i so impressed by the writers of WD and the terror they put on the screen, didn't know AMC would allow this greatness. it was really frightening and felt real, not acted. It had everything, the gore from the comics the sense of not knowing what was going to happen and a fantastic introduction of the great villain Negan. I was very impressed. After that.......boring snoozefest continuation of destroying key characters like Carol!!! Daryl, Carl, Morgan and Maggie. They almost had nothing to do all season. Rick and Michonne got screen time but i don't like em since they are together, I like them better bad-ass apart. Rick has gone soft. Terrible choices, the finale battle was so fake it was almost laughable, it looked low budget and the actors looked like they didn't know what was going on. The scavengers......oh my god so bad, how they talk, its pathetic, waste of screen time. The way the kingdom came to the rescue was unrealistic, and that's something in a zombie Apocalypse series :-) Open message to the front runners of the walking dead: WE WATCH THESE EPISODES BECAUSE WE LOVE THE CHARACTERS. Evolve yes, change them with stupid decisions no. Give more love again to Carol, Daryl, Carl, Morgan, Maggie and The Preacher, and kill off all those boring people in the coming war. Aaron Gregory and Jesus did good with what they were given, i like them as newer core cast members. Eugene, please come to the light side again.....On a personal note: please bring Dwights girl Sherry to Rick's group because...well.....she was freaking HOT and we don't have much of that anymore on the show. Please go back to basics on season 8, go wild with the Negan war, kill of a lot of boring side characters and please.....give more screen time to the people we have been watching since the beginning. Another season like this and i am out. Cant believe i am saying that about one of my still favorite shows.


I loved this episode, from start till maybe the part with Sasha was a but boring, but for me it didn't take anything from the episode. I loved all this season and The fight was amazing, such a great way to end a great season, I love how this show changed from being just about Zombies to a show that brings more complexity, more drama, I am a huge fan of how things changed and keep changing...


A glimpse Rick will loose & Alexandria will fall... but it's not. What a surprise ending especially when Negan escape ! Some people hate it. But you know what.. it's leading to satisfied end on great war at season 8. I wonder if Oceanside group will join this war later.. i hope so


Don't understand all the low ratings! Of course it's not going to be all done and dusted by the end...but it was tense, thrilling, and fairly satisfying. The conniving weird Jadis (who has clearly had access to some sharp hairdressing scissors ????) just really needs to die.

What happened to Sasha was pure genius.. I believe she's only the third one we've seen as a walker (after Merle and Hershal) and it was fitting at the end when they went looking for her.

The final words from Maggie were so emotional - my daughter and I were in tears.

Genius acting again from Andrew and Jeffery. The scene when they're up close was just stunning.

Loved the bit where Darryl finds Dwight's soldier.. I now hope he doesn't get killed off in the next series as I think he's a good character to keep. Especially if his wife reappears.

We've watched all 7 series in 3 months and now I need to prepare for some serious withdrawal symptoms! I'll just have to watch my new box set instead.

Just superb brilliant and fabulous and long may it continue.


I pondered a lot before I wrote this review. Actually, I do not like writing a review but I do spare some time to read and mark YES if they are satisfactory to me. I only marked NO to those I completely disagreed with.

However this is an exception now. Its unbelievable and ridiculous how there are lots of negative reviews about this another outstanding and amazing episode of TWD.

Oh, It is a terrific finale!

It is a brilliant delivery with its poetic title 'The first day of the rest of your life'

This is a systematic build up that allows the characters to come together, especially, original Ricks group, king Ezekiel group and Hilltop to daringly challenge the Saviors. Though, it is predictable that the Garbage people will become traitors from their behaviors which is right from the time Rick and co. met them but it is still not disappointing.

To those saying the finale is disappointing. Are they expecting Negan to die quickly and easily? No. It can not be because he is a paradox. Is the death of Sasha or the way she sacrificed herself for her group is not heroic enough? Is the Tiger's sudden and strikingly jump that terrifies Negan and smashes away Lucille from him delivering Carl from imminent blow of death is not a superb treat?

Those long minutes of terrific animosities and gun crazy actions are very good to me with the emotions they carries. Common mates, I am not expecting an armoured tank in this finale because there is no prison wall to be blown off this time around.

Though we don't see much zombie actions in this season we should be aware that zombies, to me, are now puns in the game the major problems now are the livings not the deads.

I gave 10/10. It is still one of the best TV series from my honest perspective.


So what was the result of that rather non-consequential, boring, and poorly executed gun fight? Nothing. After a long and tedious build up with Sasha listening to bad music and remembering irrelevant crap, things are back where they started. Nothing is different whatsoever. With Rick's failed retaliation plan, Negan is preparing his army to once again take over Rick's people, and bash some heads in. I'm so bored with this show at this point, I WANT TO SEE someone important get their head bashed in just for giggles. I feel no connection to any of the characters anymore. They've become stale and one-dimensional.

Also, I can only take so many scenes of Negan threatening folks with a baseball bat (a bat that he seems to be rather intimate with, btw, it's some kind of fetish that I don't understand). It is getting old. It was thrilling for one or two episodes, that's it.

What is the big picture here? Where is the show going? Where are the walking dead in the Walking Dead? Where is the horror and the thrill? What are these people fighting for? Now every season is about a new bad guy who just wants to rule or terrorize people. That's getting old. After the story about the governor, the terminus cannibals, and other villains , the Negan story felt boring and unoriginal.

If I had not heard about show and I just happened to see an episode from this season, I would not have guessed it was the walking dead, and I wouldn't be the least bit interested in watching it.

Can we please go back to a zombie-apocalypse-survival-horror story? What is going on with the zombies? They've become background noise and distraction, and people are not even afraid of them anymore. I want to know where the world is headed. Is there hope? Is anyone working on a cure, or immunity? Again, what are these people fighting for? I remember the thrill of the first couple of seasons. That's long gone now. It's all noise.


I would only give it a 1 star instead of a zero, sadly no option for zero stars, because of the CG tiger. Shiva was the only redeeming thing about the whole episode. The episode was so badly written it telegraphed Sasha's fate and I was not surprised by the shocking turn of events. I was literally getting ready to turn the channel when Shiva showed up an hour in so I actually watched the rest of the episode. That was a mistake. There wasn't so much a cliff hanger as a "hah ha fooled you" BS ending where they told you ya know the episode you thought you were watching? That's next season and you just wasted your time watching this whole season! I was so impressed I deleted the DVR timer so I won't be recording or watching next season. Fear the Walking Dead always sucked so I long ago deleted the DVR timer and never had any intention of watching next season. Up until this season I was a devoted Walking Dead fan and defended the show to trolls that insisted only season one was good but can't explain why they still keep watching it. I have clear reasons why I won't be watching it again. The stories and characters are now officially a train wreck. Are they having PAs write the scripts? The whole season made no sense and was uniformly the worse in the entire series. I hate cliff hangers but if there's anything worse it's telling you at the end that hey if you want to see what you've been waiting for this whole season tune in next season. Forgive the language but FU! They obviously are wringing their hands at the big season opener ratings. I'd love to see everyone protest it by refusing to watch and see the ratings end up a 2 instead of a 16. That might actual scare them into fixing the show before it gets canceled. It's pure rating bait at this point and the story and characters are a faint, dim memory........RIP The Walking Dead. The fans miss you......


What was up with that whole gun battle at the end? Was it directed by a film student... in grade school?

From the terribad 80s synthpop music to the quick cut clips of people firing in random directions at nothing in particular it almost seemed like a Naked Gun style parody of a big shootout, rather than something we were supposed to be emotionally invested in...

Soooo bad.


Let's face it.. the showrunners just don't care.. they built a fanbase after the first 2 or 3 seasons.. they got their money.. and now the're just stalling.. if you exclude the first 3 episodes, this entire season is just one giant filler episode.. and i'm not even kidding.. no episode had any connection to the main storyline.. they spat on the comics and played us into thinking this season will be different..

the finale was abysmally dull.. a couple of pace changing moments but they quickly cool down to an utterly ridiculous and cringeworthy chitty chat scene.. The ending is just absolutely nerve wrecking.. one moment we see a little action the next they all calm and start talking about hope, and it still wasn't over.. what happened? The episode is inconsistent in the most absurd way imaginable.. the story writing and dialogue were also incredibly poor..

Believe me this episode is pure parody material, the internet will be flooded soon with parodies of it.

This piece of poorly written garbage they called an "episode" is the finger that the showrunners gave us knowing there will still be people coming back to watch the next season.. but I know i won't, I have recently started reading the comics and with all honesty I have greatly enjoyed them..

it's time we bury The walking dead TV series and just move on to something else.
Rich Vulture

Rich Vulture

Seriously, what happened? The writing was outstanding for the first five seasons. It was mediocre in season 6, but in season 7 it has been nearly unwatchable. Every episode was a slow, drawn-out ordeal, each of which could have been combined into a single 45-minute show that might have been at least distracted me from scrolling through my Facebook feed. You could have watched the first three episodes and skipped to the finale and not missed anything. I held out for the final episode hoping it would bring some closure, but all it brought was more banal dialog, time-filling flashbacks, and inaction. There was a fight scene that lasted eight minutes and resolved nothing. It's possible the entire season was written by a computer algorithm.

Anyway I still give the last dozen episodes three stars for the great acting and direction, but with the writing as bad as it's been it doesn't deserve any more than that. Too bad such a good show has deteriorated into just another mediocre advertising platform.


Don't listen to the low reviews on this one. The finale of the seventh season of The Walking Dead was a great episode. Everything comes together in this episode and we finally get some much needed pay off to all of the set up that we got this season. This episode includes the most action out of any single episode in the series, and also has great character moments for nearly every character. Those who have been missing the action for the past episodes, this is a special for you.

This episode checks in to every location, which is a welcome change from the bottle episodes that we have been getting recently. Bottle episodes work from time to time, but i prefer when everyone has a moment to shine in each episode. That being said, although the episode focuses in multiple different locations, the majority of the episode is set in Alexandria, as the war kicks off. All of the actors were great as always, with some standout performances from the cast. This episode also features some good twists, which adds to the episode in my opinion.

I'm going to try and fit as much as i can in this review to make it more in depth than my previous one on this episode. First, i'll be highlighting Dwight. I am glad that he has switched sides finally and i am very excited to see what his character will bring to the show next season. Austin Amelio has been doing a fantastic job with Dwight, and i hope he's around for many seasons to come. Daryl and Dwight's "rivalry" if you will, finally comes to a head, but Daryl chooses to forgive Dwight for now, and give him a chance to help them. Dwight keeps his word, and he sets up a road block for the Saviors to delay them getting to Alexandria. Later in the episode, Daryl finds a signature wood carving of Dwight's showing that Dwight did not know about the deal that Negan had made with Jadis and her Scavengers. I believe that Rick and his alliance should continue to trust Dwight, as he is an inside man, and will prove to be a valuable ally.

I am devastated to have lost Sasha, in the same season as two of my other favorite characters, Glenn and Abraham. The flashbacks with Sasha and Abraham were very sad, but they were also essential in showing why Sasha made the decision that she did, and also showing that she is now at peace with Abraham's death and soon her own. These scenes made me miss Abraham even more, and i give props to Michael Cudlitz and Sonequa Martin Green for helping create such a wonderful, memorable relationship in this show. I was really rooting for them. The scenes with Sasha and Maggie were perfect as well. It is saddening that her character had to go, but Sasha sacrificed herself for her family. You can tell how Sasha still channels Tyreese, Bob and Abraham among others by how she acted and interacted with others, and her absence is sure to leave another void in the show. Sonequa Martin Green has done a wonderful job, and this episode was a great send off to her character. I will definitely miss Sasha.

The Kingdom was incredible, and featured great moments with Ezekiel, Carol and Morgan. The Kingdom coming to the rescue of Alexandria with the Hilltop was the highlight of this episode. Also worth noting that Shiva plays a large part in this episode, and the CGI Shiva is truly astounding. Khary Payton continues to deliver as King Ezekiel and I'm looking forward to seeing more from his character during All Out War. Lennie James and Melissa McBride were amazing as always and its a crime how neither one have been nominated for an Emmy yet.

Maggie's speech at the end of the episode was both inspiring, and saddening. She and Jesus finding Sasha in the woods after the battle was also another sad moment in this episode. The show will be forever changed next season on, with the loss of three huge characters this season in Glenn, Abraham and now Sasha.

One small addition, the humor in this episode was on point as well. Abraham has some more of his classic Abrahamisms in the flashback, but there is also a funny moment with Rick, Michonne and Jadis that is absolutely hysterical. Well played by the three actors in that scene, Andrew Lincoln's reaction was priceless. He deserves an Emmy as well, hopefully one day the awards shows will recognize The Walking Dead.

There is so much to hit on, as this episode had so much packed into it, but this is all I'm going to be highlighting in my review. Fantastic acting all around, a variety of emotions throughout, great payoff, good action, incredible final sendoff to those lost in this season, and the most perfect ending one could think of, without ending the war. Honestly, what more could you want? Maggie truly is the future as both Abraham and Sasha said.

"We're going to War, for those who were lost, those who are still here, and they who are the future." -mto10

A big thank you to the cast and crew. I hope you all understand how much we truly appreciate you guys and your work, despite those who are always trying to bring your work down.

Definitely don't listen to the poor reviews as they truly sell this episode short. This was one of the best episodes of the series in my opinion. Lots to enjoy here, and fans will definitely be salivating for the show to return.

My Rating: 10/10


No spoilers, just my initial thoughts on what I just saw...

This episode was boring, more to the point it sucked ass from start to finish. And has anything been changed, been gained or lost since it started and finished? Nope...

What a major letdown. I'm sorry others can say what they like, I speak the truth. The first half of the season was awesome in that we saw the wrath of Negan and all his badness. The 2nd half was like some tedious Minecraft build, and I was hoping for some explosions in the finale and basically wound up with nothing, nothing at all!... the first 2/3 of the episode I assume was to help build it up, but it did nothing but put me to sleep, and when the bullets started flying, it did little more. And the ending? Well lets just say I'm done watching the show, I'll just stick to the comics and let the show be whatever...

What a waste of my time and such a letdown of the buildup. These guys really know how to screw up a sure win.


This was the worst season finale I have ever seen. First, I knew that Negan was not going to die or captured in this one, but did not expect nothing will happen either. Not even a dent after a million shots were fired, at least the Tiger killed 2. Second, it felt like they just wanted to finish the season without a plan. Hopeless production and a disappointing entire season. I am done watching this show.


Considering how slowly the season has progressed since the first episode, it was nice to see some action in the season finale, though it seemed rather predictable, or perhaps just unimportant. And despite the various groups coming together and the small twists and supposed tension, there never seemed to be any real suspense to this. With the amount of time devoted to Sasha (including flashbacks), it was hardly surprising to learn of her fate. I think the worst of this is that most of season 7 was at best a buildup to the finale which did not really deliver much of anything. At least all of the main characters made an appearance. There was a lot of shooting, a distraction, and the two main groups separated with no noteworthy consequence to either side. All of which leads to the disappointing prospect of more of the same in season 8. :-(

I had originally given up on this show after the really lame Glenn and the dumpster rescue story, but a friend of mine told me the show had gotten much better and the prospect of Negan as a villain sounded promising. I watched the end of season 6 and then the first episode of season 7 and thought the show had been worth a second chance.

Unfortunately, the rest of the season lumbered on and Negan became increasingly annoying and long-winded and toothless. I'm not sure if the writing is just horrible or if there's too much interference from the network or the marketing team or whoever to make episodes run longer than they need to, to have characters survive simply because they're popular, or to do the occasional audience fake-out for a quick ratings pop. Regardless, there doesn't seem to be a cohesive direction for all this.

I'm seeing way too many inexplicable acts (mostly by Negan who may be the dumbest villain ever). But also bats deflecting bullets, tigers attacking at exactly the right time, and just a lack of character development of any kind. And a few characters that are unbelievably annoying (Maggie in particular, Carl, Enid, and a few others).

For me, the show's not worth watching any more. The novelty of a zombie show is kind of wearing off (and the zombies are all but absent now anyway). For true fans, if the writers can step up their game and get the pace of this going, there probably is still hope for this.

I haven't watched other zombie shows to see if any of them are a better alternative to the Walking Dead. For those who play video games, The Last of Us is an awesome game with a similar undead theme and an amazing story. I would rate that incredibly high. And the comic books for The Walking Dead might be a good bit better too.

This episode I'd give a 3, the first episode of season 7 I'd give an 8, and a lot of the in-between episodes a 1 or 2. Except for the Eugene episode which I liked for the most part. Good luck to those who continue watching.


Season 6 was painfully drawn out, boring and had a disgraceful finale only to be followed six months later by this season's premiere which was just stupidly horrible. Ever since this endlessly boring and nasty season has led oh so slowly to this pointless and boring finale.

A character everyone knew was going to die did just that. An incredibly irritating big bad's story is going to drag on for an eternity and letting viewers know how boring next season is going to be was done in such a boring way.

The structure of the storytelling for the last two seasons is wrong for a television series. This show needs new writers and directors who know how to show a story unfold with pace and style.


Where to start.... This series started so strong. So well. Neagan seemed really scary. Better than the Governor, but as this series progressed, I ended up just completely disliking him because he was so unbelievably boring. His "lair" if you would call it that, was so underwhelming. They painted the saviours as this vast huge group with fingers in every pie, yet he bribed the Cabbage Patch Kids to turn on Rick in the final episode??? Whit??

So, this whole series was just setting up to kill Neagan. It made no sense at points. Got so confusing. He comes in and will randomly kill someone out of nowhere and to be honest, you don't care about them. Spencer is the best example. Added nothing to the story.

I just remembered. Apparently the head of the Hill Top (can't remember his name, couldn't care) he's dead in the last episode??? Did he die in the previous episode? I have no idea. If he did die, I can't remember. Also Maggie's daughter seems to be born at the age of 2 or 3. Well done to the casting crew there.

This whole season was missing a good story and 2 other things. Abraham and Glen. With Glen out of the Walking Dead, you can clearly see a huge gap in the story for the show. Glen and Abraham were by far the strongest character driven characters in the entire show. I would say that Michonne is also a strong character, but what the actual hell did they do to her in this??? Her dialogue is so bad. She becomes such a poor boring character. Completely ruined her.

The gap that Abraham filled was (for me) when Tyrese died. I loved him. He was so lovable and just a tank. Abraham filled that differently and worked very well, and for me was a more interesting character than Daryl.

Rick..... Sick of Rick now. In past series he would have a roller coaster ride of emotions. This series was completely mono-toned. Same emotion throughout. The overall character build of all characters weren't there, but Rick (as always) was center frame and had the least character build if there was even any.

Sorry if this review is poorly written. I've given up all hope for this series and its still raw with how much time I wasted watching this series.

So... The final episode. This never deserved a cliffhanger ending. Neagan stands over "an army" of people then yells "Let's go to war". No feeling. I was hoping for something similar to the Governor in season 5 were it just cuts to him being dead. Even if it showed Neagan running away in a panic with no-one to help, that would have made a better ending. He doesn't deserve a second series. The story has no feeling, no emotion, just bland. The "tiger" even comes in and somehow knows who the bad guys are. (The kingdom is so cringey. I know the whole thing of making himself a king and protecting people and giving them hope because he's a 'king'.... its so stupid. The tiger is also so stupid.)

Also, the idea of him controlling them through fear only goes so far. Its pretty weakly done. Especially if he has all those people at the end fighting for him.

I hope this all makes sense. This is really to vent. I've never put a review on here and I just really needed to get this out.

Don't know if I'll watch series 8. Its probably going to be the same. Might just watch the last episode of that series just to see how it ends.

Would like to just add a little bit about the reviews. The 50 to 60% of people who gave this a 9 or 10 out of 10, you are kidding yourself. If this series and episode could get a negative value, I would put it.


"Jumped the Tiger" should replace "Jump the Shark" as the new catchphrase of TV series mediocrity. Nothing worked in this finale to a series that has gone seriously off the rails. The introduction of the Negan character appeared to introduce an element of brutality and suspense this season. Unfortunately, the writing hasn't fulfilled the early promise of the season, and the show has descended into self- parody. Very disappointing for long time fans of the show.


Despite some nasty criticisms from the people who visit TWD's IMDb page, this show is still holding 8.5/10 in general, and the season 7 finale holds at 8.0/10. So, for every person who deems TWD unworthy of your viewership, there are about 70%-80% more fans who still love this apocalyptic drama, and no wonder. How one couldn't love Rick, Daryl, Michionne, Carol, Maggie, Enid and the rest of Team Rick is beyond me. (But I guess that's the rub. Only someone who doesn't love the characters would give this one star.)

Not to mention that battle scene at the end- AWESOME. Everyone pulled together to send Negan running out of Alexandria like a bat out of hell. LOL


Great episode. Wonderful writing, outstanding acting and terrific plot. So many great moments in this episode and it was really wonderful to see Micheal Culditz again. No 1, The flashbacks to Abraham's and Sacha's last moments in their home were so touching and romantic. Three hankie weepy to really p*ss off the adolescent male action junkies and to warm the heart of the adult fans.

No 2, Rick and Michonne getting all discomfited and embarrassed at Jadis' advances. You could see their thoughts written all over their faces, no way lady...get lost.

No 3, Sasha taking control of her life and death and taking out that 0 Savior who gave Enid a hard time at Hilltop as well. Bonus points for scaring the sh*t out of Negan as well. Goodbye Sasha, enjoy your afterlife with the people you loved and lost.

No 4, The tiger. What more can you say...nothing. It was great.

No 5, the callbacks to earlier Seasons and the tribute to Glen. This was the best Finale in years.

Last but not least, the bad-assery of Carl. Do not mess with Carl...ever.