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Der Mann aus London (2007) online

Der Mann aus London (2007) online
Original Title :
A londoni férfi
Genre :
Movie / Crime / Drama / Mystery
Year :
Directror :
Béla Tarr,Ágnes Hranitzky
Cast :
Miroslav Krobot,Tilda Swinton,Erika Bók
Writer :
Georges Simenon,Béla Tarr
Budget :
Type :
Time :
2h 19min
Rating :

After witnessing a crime during his night shift as railway switchman near the docks, a man finds a briefcase full of money. While he and his family step up their living standards, others start looking for the disappeared case.

Der Mann aus London (2007) online

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One night Maloin, a switchman at a seaside railway station situated by a ferry harbor, witnesses a terrible event. He is just watching the arrival of the last ferry at night from his control room on top of a high iron traverse from where he can see the whole bay. Suddenly he notices that the first of the disembarking passengers, a tall thin figure (a certain Brown as it will turn out later) leaves the harbor, but not on the usual route: after getting through customs, he goes around the dock and then withdraws into a dark corner, waiting. Opposite him, in front of the ship, another man soon appears and throws a suitcase towards the man on the shore. He goes and picks it up, then waits in an dark corner for the other man to join him. When he arrives, however, they begin to quarrel and finally, in the course of the vehement fight, due to a hit that turns out to be fatal, the shorter one falls in the water and sinks, clutching the suitcase in his hand. Maloin is watching the scene, ...
Cast overview:
Miroslav Krobot Miroslav Krobot - Maloin, az éjszakai váltóõr
Tilda Swinton Tilda Swinton - Maloin felesége
Erika Bók Erika Bók - Henriette
János Derzsi János Derzsi - Brown
Ági Szirtes Ági Szirtes - Brown felesége
István Lénárt István Lénárt - Londoni rendõrfelügyelõ
Gyula Pauer Gyula Pauer - Kocsmáros
Mihály Kormos Mihály Kormos - Brown segítõtársa
Kati Lázár Kati Lázár - Henriette fõnökasszonya
Éva Almássy Albert Éva Almássy Albert - Kurva a kocsmában
Ágnes Kamondy Ágnes Kamondy - (as Ági Kamondy)
László feLugossy László feLugossy - Vendég a kocsmában
Philippe Guerrini Philippe Guerrini - Szõrmekereskedõ 1
Jacques Pilippi Jacques Pilippi - Szõrmekereskedõ 2
Alfréd Járai Alfréd Járai - Vendég a kocsmában 2

Extensive dubbing was necessary in part because the Steadicam operator Marcus Pohlus was audibly panting and weeping in several scenes.

Bela Tarr - I could clearly imagine the port, but since Hungary's have no port at any sea, I had to go out and search of a suitable location and settled on the old port of Bastia in Corsica.

The suicide of producer Humbert Balsan on 10 February 2005 prompted director Béla Tarr to shut down production of this film, after disputes with the other producers over a possible change in the film's financing.

László Nemes ("Son of Saul - 2015) was assistant director.

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