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Satsuma hikyaku (1951) online

Satsuma hikyaku (1951) online
Original Title :
Satsuma hikyaku
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Kokichi Uchide
Cast :
Kanjûrô Arashi,Ichirô Arishima,Toshiko Ayukawa
Writer :
Daisuke Itô,Jirô Osaragi
Type :
Time :
1h 35min
Rating :
Satsuma hikyaku (1951) online

Osaragi Jirou (大仏次郎).

Satsuma hikyaku 1951. Release date: 21 Dec 1951.


Noriko lives in postwar Tokyo with her extended family. Although she enjoys her career and her friends, her more traditionally minded family worries about the fact that she's still single at the advanced age of 28. When 40-year-old business associate Takako proposes marriage, Noriko's family press her into accepting. But when her widowed childhood friend Kenkichi returns to the neighborhood, she finds her heart leading in another direction.

The Satsuma is a small Japanese car, based on the Datsun 100A/Nissan Cherry E10. This is the car the main character has to assemble. The Satsuma is equipped with a . L (988 cc) inline four cylinder gasoline engine, with a FWD four-speed manual transmission. Compared to other driveable vehicles in the game, the Satsuma has a lot of parts that can actually break or fall off (the fuel tank, bumpers, doors, et. The car also has considerably more features than any of the other vehicles.

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Credited cast:
Kanjûrô Arashi Kanjûrô Arashi
Ichirô Arishima Ichirô Arishima
Toshiko Ayukawa Toshiko Ayukawa
Kanemon Fujima Kanemon Fujima
Kensaku Hara Kensaku Hara
Jôji Kaieda Jôji Kaieda
Jûshirô Kobayashi Jûshirô Kobayashi
Masao Mishima Masao Mishima
Chikako Miyagi Chikako Miyagi
Mitsuo Nagata Mitsuo Nagata
Tomoemon Otani Tomoemon Otani
Kôkichi Takada Kôkichi Takada
Isuzu Yamada Isuzu Yamada