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One Man's Story (2002) online

One Man's Story (2002) online
Original Title :
One Manu0027s Story
Genre :
Creative Work / Short / Drama / Horror / War
Year :
Directror :
Kyle B. Thompson
Cast :
Tyler Thompson,Mike Totaro,Sean Rush
Writer :
Kyle B. Thompson
Type :
Creative Work
Time :
Rating :

Private Smith and Private Porter are on a mission is save a plane that was shot down and think could be very use full to the war.

One Man's Story (2002) online

One Man's Story (2002). View the official lists that include One Man's Story. One Man's Story (2002).

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Private Smith and Private Porter are on a mission is save a plane that was shot down and think could be very use full to the war.
Cast overview:
Tyler Thompson Tyler Thompson - Private Smith
Mike Totaro Mike Totaro - Private Porter
Sean Rush Sean Rush - Captain James
Mike Benasorta Mike Benasorta - Soldier on Beach
Jason Benjamin Jason Benjamin - Soldier on Beach
Robbie Hamilton Robbie Hamilton - Soldier on Beach
Joe Talese Joe Talese - German Soldier
Kyle B. Thompson Kyle B. Thompson - Soldier on Beach
Joe Brennan Joe Brennan - Older Smith

User reviews



This film was very interesting to watch. It was one of the few short war films i have seen. The film started off with a remake of Utail beach of Germany and goes into a private mission where two young solders are trapped behind enemy lines. It has very simulation to Saving Private Ryan which was a great film indeed. But this film was outstanding in almost every way. The acting was a little on the down low but the film came together with the story and the plot outline.

In the outcome this film was great and i would suggest this to anyone to watch for person viewing or even just education.