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Song Lang (2018) online

Song Lang (2018) online
Original Title :
Song Lang
Genre :
Movie / Drama
Year :
Directror :
Leon Le
Cast :
Kim Chi,Isaac,Vu T. Le Thi
Writer :
Leon Le,Minh Ngoc Nguyen
Type :
Time :
1h 30min
Rating :

An unlikely bond forms between an underground debt collector and a cai luong "Vietnamese opera" performer against the backdrop of Saigon in the 90s.

Song Lang (2018) online

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tears for how much well shot, well directed, well acting and most importanly how much emotionally invested I am with the characters

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Original Title Song Lang. Runtime 1h 41m. Budget -. Revenue

It's 1980s in Saigon. Linh Phung is a star of a traveling Cai-luong (traditional folk opera) troupe deep in debt to a local loan shark. Dung "thunderbolt" is the enforcer come to collect. After an unlikely bond forms between the two, Linh Phung learns how a lived life is necessary for art and Dung follows art back to a life worth living.
Credited cast:
Kim Chi Kim Chi - Cigarette Lady
Isaac Isaac - Linh Phung
Vu T. Le Thi Vu T. Le Thi - The Mother
Phuong Minh Phuong Minh - Auntie Nga
Huynh Ngoc Huynh Ngoc - Ms. Le
Bao Chau Nguyen Bao Chau Nguyen - Lu Bo / Trieu Da
Lien Binh Phat Lien Binh Phat - Dung 'Thunderbolt'
Kim Phuong Kim Phuong - The Boss
Huu Quoc Huu Quoc - Khanh Linh
Tu Quyen Tu Quyen - Thuy Van
Hoang Sang Hoang Sang - Teacher
Hong Sap Hong Sap - Wardrobe
Kim Long Thach Kim Long Thach - The Father
Tu Thanh Tu Thanh - Lan
Phuoc Tinh Phuoc Tinh - Hien

User reviews



This is the Vietnamese excellent movie, mentioned about the traditional performance (cai luong) and the moment of boys love


I give a lot of harsh critism toward Vietnamese movies since the day I decided to watch more movie produce from my country in order to find the same on the edge of the seat feeling that I got from other film industry in the West and the East until Furie ( 2019) and just now Song Lang (2018) make my heart burst into tears for how much well shot, well directed, well acting and most importanly how much emotionally invested I am with the characters. I don't normally seek out movies that touch on the LGBT subject because it's not my cup of tea when I'm more of a a action, horror person myself but in the case with Song Lang it not only a beautifully make movie with great cinematography and nailed the retro scenery of Vietnam down to a T but it also a heartfell drama story about two guy each from opposite site settle down their differences and learn how to love themselves more. It such a damn shame that right now only Vietnamese people can see this movie because there no overseas release for Song Lang at all and I would love to see it got the attention it deserves in the future


The film is permeated by the vibes of cai-luong (reformed theater), a kind of traditional Southern Vietnamese folk opera. Here features a young guy who appears quite violent in action, quite muscular and rugged in build, and quite terse and monotonous in words. There features another young guy who appears meek and slim and naive and nice. They have the same childhood studded with memories of cai-luong troupes and activities. Yet as courses of their lives roll on, one strolls toward his fulfillment, and one along his perilous path and keeps that until the very end. Of course, on their ways, they have a brief pause to have a chance encounter followed by another chance one, extended by some spell of a prolonged conversation around art, life and even time travel. That's where the promising opening of the film is faded into hackneyed verbal patterns typical of ordinary situations in Vietnam. It's quite clichéd yet real.

Above all, I find the film most charming in its decent presentation of Southern Vietnamese ambience, mostly vividly expressed via minor characters, which feels so dear to me, who is also a native Southern. And it's the only big plus in my view of this film. Perhaps some people would mention its shots of beauty or exquisiteness or splendor, you name it, as an unignorable outstanding aspect, for good reason of their own. That is so exaggerated and not the case in my mind, as they are nothing more than some kind of mimicked and framed creation rather than revealing or creative one. I do find them beautiful, and only deem them as the spice of the film just as a variety of people portrayed here of life. After all, setting aside some over-romantic or over-hinted scenes and some faux coincidences, I'm left with a film of moderate caliber with few nonsensical happenings and verbalization which are usually a trademark for Vietnamese films.