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Moment (2016) online

Moment (2016) online
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Creative Work / Short / Musical
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MattyB,Jade Weber
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Creative Work
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Moment (2016) online

Memories that will make you better and more creative at work. I waited exactly one year for this moment: My scruffy old Stan Smiths are back on my feet. Finally, it’s festival time! Dirty sneakers, sunglasses, a homemade green draw-string bag with a glitter unicorn on it and a do-it-yourself Tetra Pack drink holder tinkered out of a juice carton and a lot of gaffer tape are my essentials for the next four days. At festivals it doesn't take much to be happy – try to transfer this lighthearted attitude into your daily working routine for more creativity.

Creative productivity isn’t linear, like making widgets. You have to fight The Resistance, create the conditions for insightful thinking, and trust it will lead you to useful solutions. In 2016, I decided to double down on being a writer (admittedly, an odd goal for someone who’s already a best-selling author). By using my mental energy wisely, I was able to quadruple my creative output in 2016. Here is a graph of my creative output in 2016, versus 2015. Yes, I agree, word count is a blunt metric for measuring creative output  . There will always be a portion of my work that is done slowly and meticulously, with long incubation periods in between. But, having a system for creative productivity helps me produce the raw materials for better-considered, more slowly-delivered work.

2016 is jam packed full of creative events to check out around Europe. Take a look at our pick of the 12 events you won't want to miss. The festival takes place during three days and one month before the famous D&AD Pencil Awards ceremony, with talks, screenings, workshops, an exhibition of over 24,000 pieces of work. Adobe will be headline sponsor and offer all delegates a hands-on experience area to put Creative Cloud and their creative skills to the test while having some great fun! Make sure you come to visit us and get your inspiration sparkling.

These 10 creative staff retreat ideas reflect what I consider to be the four most important components of any retreat: Bringing the work into the room. Turning staff, board from a collection of individuals into a group or team. Ok, suspense no longe. O creative staff retreat ideas. 1 – A Foolproof Icebreaker You Cannot Call An Icebreaker. This could also be a nice closing moment of appreciation.

Is domestic life the enemy of creative work? By Kim Brooks. The question of what effect domestic life might have on creative work, both in the abstract and in my actual life, first dawned on me 14 years ago, when I was a student at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. I was 23 at the time, years away from motherhood and thus confident that my desire to have a family and to be a writer would seamlessly coalesce. The second moment of doubt occurred a year later and involved a classmate, a woman in her 30s who entered the program a year behind me. She arrived in Iowa pregnant and gave birth on the first day of her second semester. A few weeks later, she came to workshop cradling an infant who mewled and suckled at her breast as we talked of characterization and suspense.

Yet while some see this shift as the death knell for the human element in advertising, it can be argued that what we’re seeing now is the creativity renaissance of the ad industry. Time once spent on repetitive tasks has been freed up to invest in creative work at the very moment our creative needs are exploding. Rather than replacing humans on the job, automation has freed up human labour capacity that can be invested in creative to meet the demand for cross-channel, more granular campaigns. What does this creative renaissance mean for advertising professionals and teams?

The first 10 chosen creative marketing campaigns of 2016 are very diversified – showing examples of product innovation, digital innovation and social issues. It’s no secret that the use of video in marketing campaigns is on the rise! The single most important strategy in the best marketing campaigns today is video. List your agency among the leaders of the industry, promote your work, create original content, find new team members and keep up with digital marketing events.

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MattyB MattyB - MattyB
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